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Xero Accounting and Taxes for eCommerce Companies

As your e-commerce business grows it becomes increasingly complicated and you may be looking at all-in-one solutions like Xero accounting and Xero taxes.

Staying current and organized when it comes to your bookkeeping starts to demand more and more time. You and your CFO may be looking for ways to simplify your bookkeeping.

On the other hand, you may need to take a more in-depth look into your numbers but don’t have the time to sort through all the data and don’t know where to start to create a simple visual.

Xero Accounting Software

Xero accounting software is proving to be a useful tool in the e-commerce industry. With Xero, you’re able to sync with over eight hundred applications used for POS, inventory, payroll and invoicing, and more. The Xero dashboard shows you all your financing needs and is customizable in that you can see what you want and hide what you don’t immediately need. Check account balances, track invoices, bills and receipts in real-time when you log in to your dashboard. You can log in from any PC or take it on the go with the mobile app.

Another great feature you get with Xero is the extra security it provides. Stored in the cloud, each user has a dual login. Each time you log on, you’ll be given a new numeric code to enter in addition to password credentials via a message on the mobile application. This prevents hackers from easily accessing your information and is the same form of security used in the banking industry. You can also share your information with your bookkeeper or advisor while limiting what they can see, as well as what they can manipulate.

Xero Taxes

As an e-commerce business, you probably understand the frustration of figuring out sales tax, local tax, and state tax. Xero taxes features customizable settings to automatically add in your taxes on invoices as well as generate sales tax reports. This will make your accountant very happy, indeed! With the guidance of a professional tax accountant, Xero's taxes feature also allows you to change your business tax basis to ensure the most accurate tax reporting.

Xero Pricing

Accounting software provides many great business tools for reasonable pricing, so consider the scope the platforms offer. Xero accounting software is great for small to mid-size companies as you can upgrade your features to allow you options to expand with your business. Starting at $9 per month, you can access the mobile app, send invoices, and connect with all other applications used to manage your e-business. There is a $30 and $60 per month package. Once you sign up for the basic package, though, you are able to try each platform for free for thirty days to see which option best fits your needs.

eCommerce Business Advisory and Tax Planning

Have all your accounting data in hand (or in app) and don’t know what to do with it? Fusion CPA specializes in e-commerce business advisory, as well as tax planning. We take dashboard data and communicate your business story: where you started, where you are now, and where the data shows it is headed. Then we can plan for the future.

As business advisors, we can offer course correction and help recognize trending opportunities. Our vision is to help you achieve your business goals while operating efficiently and most effectively. We partner with our customers to understand and inspire their company vision. By combining advisory, bookkeeping, and tax services we are able to offer growing businesses a full finance team in one firm. What is your goal? Let us know!


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