Wix.com: Improving E-commerce Accounting & Website Management

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In 2019 having a reputable online presence for your e-commerce business is imperative to being able to take your business to the next level. A functional website for your business speaks volumes and can improve your standing on the cyber map. We have found that a Wix ecommerce free website builder offers efficient website building tools to bring your brand to life. Let’s take a look at the accounting for websites services that Wix.com can provide you to create your e-Commerce site.

Wix Ecommerce Offers Freedom Of Expression

Freedom to express the concept of your brand is what you need to convey your message clearly and concisely. Wix.com gives you that freedom and more, to build high-quality websites that will get noticed.

Using the Wix Editor, a choice from 500 designer templates are at your fingertips. The drag and drop feature allows you to design the interface of your wix ecommerce website easily and freely. On the other hand, the ADI feature will enable you to get your e-commerce business online quickly. It instantly creates a website just as you instructed.

Wix.com Advanced Web Building Platform

When your website demands more advanced website applications, Corvid by Wix can help you implement complex functionalities for your wix ecommerce website. It offers you the total freedom to manage, create, and launch your online shop. Wix.com’s Corvid tool also offers hassle-free coding and server free computing.

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Build A Wix Ecommerce Store Like A Pro

Wix Professional web features help you manage your website in one convenient place. You can get a custom domain name for your wix ecommerce website, or connect your existing one. It can help you make sure your website is safe with free hosting. Wix also offers a professional mailbox that matches your brand and domain name. Other professional perks from Wix.com include:

  • Website Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Member Login
  • Social Tools
  • SSL Certified
  • Wix Chat

The strategic placement of photos will always add an element of realism to your e-commerce website. Wix.com allows you to display videos, images, and texts in over 30 Wix media galleries. You can also your image sharpness and quality throughout your website with Image Quality Tools. Your exclusive photos will need protection; you can do this with Wix’s built-in password and watermark.

Wix Can Help You Promote Your Brand

Once your store, blog, or wix ecommerce website is operational, it’s time to put some operational processes in place to grow and manage your brand. Wix.com provides you with a beautiful storefront to display products or services to appeal to your customer’s eyes. The in-stock photo inventory of images will further enhance the appeal and aesthetic of your site.

Another feature of Wix.com is its Wix Booking. The feature allows your customers to book your services around the clock on mobile or desktop platforms. You can also sync your Wix bookings with your Google calendar to keep a precise record of appointment days and times.

Manage Your Wix Ecommerce Bookkeeping With Wix’s QBO Integration

Wix.com also offers Quickbooks integration to help you manage your sales and expenses. By integrating your Wix website to your Quickbooks online, you can watch your inventory and receivables update in real-time. Note, however, that this feature is currently available to US-based wix ecommerce businesses only.

To integrate QBO to your Wix store, first, add Quickbooks through Wix’s app market. Afterward, sign in your Quickbooks account through the app. You will then need to choose your income accounts and match your payment methods between Quickbooks and your Wix store. Finally, sync the two databases to make sure that Quickbooks receives all the information from your Wix store.

This process can be too complicated for people who do not specialize in e-commerce accounting. Fortunately, our experienced wix ecommerce bookkeepers can help you integrate your Wix store to your Quickbooks account. We can help you make sure that the system runs smoothly and reduce the chances of errors. Here at Fusion CPA, we understand the importance of maintaining your e-commerce financial records. Contact us now to learn more about how Wix can help you maximize your e-commerce’s potential!

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