What You Need To Know About The Changes for Business License Renewals in Atlanta

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As we step into 2024, the City of Atlanta brings pivotal updates to the business license renewal process. This reflects the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, and shows how important it is for businesses to remain agile.

Whether you’re applying for a new license or renewing an existing one, it is crucial for businesses operating in the state of Atlanta to take a closer look at the requirements to ensure compliance. Our CPAs delve into the intricacies of Atlanta’s revised business license renewal requirements below.

Business license renewals for 2024

A valid business license is the cornerstone of legal compliance and business continuity within their operational jurisdiction. The changes for doing business in Atlanta fall greatly on Save & E-Verify Affidavits, with new submission criteria outlined for both new and renewal applications.

There are updates to the documents required. For renewals, you no longer need Notarized Save & E-Verify Affidavits if the information remains unchanged from your previous filing.

Types of accepted financial documents for renewals

Prior calendar year documents…

  • Federal and state of GA tax returns (including schedules)
  • Profit and loss statement (P&L)
  • Income statement

2024 Save and E-Verify requirement changes

  • New business license applications: Notarized Save & E-Verify affidavits are now mandatory.
  • Renewal business license applications: If the information on the affidavit remains unchanged, notarized Save & E-Verify affidavits are no longer required.

Requirements for new business license applications

  • Conduct a pre-zoning check to ensure business location compliance.
  • Required documents, including notarized Save & E-Verify affidavits, valid government issued identification, and regulatory permit if applicable.

Requirements to renew existing business licenses

  • Complete a renewal application with the state of Atlanta.
  • Provide prior year’s actual gross receipts.
  • Disclose the number of employees.
  • Submit financial documents supporting reported prior year actual gross receipts.

How a CPA can help you

Renewing your business license can be intricate, especially when there are changes to the requirements and when you need to submit financial records. Your business needs to showcase compliant and accurate supporting financial data. Partnering with a CPA in this regard can be beneficial. Not only do they bring a wealth of financial expertise to navigate the nuanced requirements, their familiarity with industry-specific nuances, such as the revised Save & E-Verify Affidavit requirements, can aid a seamless renewal process.

At Fusion, our CPA’s attention to detail also serves as safeguard against inaccuracies. While working with your financial data, our CPAs may  pick up on ways in which to streamline financial processes and optimize profits. Schedule a discovery call with us if you need assistance with your financial processes or help with business license renewals.

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