As a value-added reseller, you have likely taken a magnificent piece of technology, added to it, made it better, and distributed it to a niche market. Infrastructure as a service has likely impacted how you do business. It’s estimated that infrastructure as a service is one of the fastest-growing cloud market services. The year 2020 is slated to see infrastructure as a service reach revenue of over $72 billion around the world.

How Value-Added Resellers Benefit from IaaS

IaaS is a type of cloud computing that allows your business to take advantage of virtual computing resources over the Internet.The basic IaaS model has a cloud provider hosting the infrastructure components that your value-added reseller company would usually have in an on-site data center. This means the IaaS firm would house your servers, network hardware, storage, etc. Since you can get access to another company’s infrastructure, you are able to scale your value-added reseller business quickly when there is an increase in demand, and you are also able to scale back when demand diminishes.

Additional Considerations

IaaS allows value-added resellers to offer improved products to their customers at a reduced price. This is because IaaS is cost-efficient and saves time. Your business does not need to worry about purchasing, managing, or supporting an in-house infrastructure. At the same time, you get access to uninterrupted data and state-of-the-art technology and applications.

IaaS provides value-added resellers the highest security measures. You know that your data, your client’s data, and the products or services you are offering to your clients in the cloud are protected against potential breaches. IaaS should allow your value-added reseller company to consolidate disaster recovery infrastructure. This means a reduction in cost for you and increased manageability. Offering cloud-based service to your clients means that they should be able to access your service 24/7. Having a server go down could be fatal. Infrastructure as a service means that your business stays up and running without interruptions, even if one server goes down.

With infrastructure as a service, your value-added reseller business could leverage pre-integrated options or integrate niche options into your IaaS solutions. You should be able to make your business stand out and expand to new marketplaces. When you incorporate IaaS platforms, the value of what you offer may increase exponentially.

Get Help Making Decisions That Impact Your Bottom Line

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