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TouchBistro: QuickBooks Online Integration Restaurant Accounting

Restaurants in more than 37 countries are trusting in the award-winning TouchBistro financial app to complete orders, calculate totals and store valuable tax information. This comprehensive restaurant accounting app helps entrepreneurs run their food and beverage operations. The TouchBistro Quickbooks online integration accounting allows us to transfer data seamlessly to avoid wasteful double entry. Learn how these TouchBistro features makes restaurant accounting much easier.

TouchBistro Financial Suite

Providing valuable customer service and great food are some of the most important requirements of a successful restaurant. Due to smartphone technology, customers want faster service. The TouchBistro app has sped up restaurant order completion, by enabling waitresses to send orders to cooks immediately. Everyone saves time due to the order processing, inventory tracking, automated payment processing and pricing functions of the TouchBistro point-of-sale (POS) app. This app enables servers to process cash, credit or debit payments at the kiosk. Financial data is accumulated in real-time, speeding up restaurant tax planning and preparation by our accountants. We discovered that TouchBistro could be used by small, medium or large enterprises.

TouchBistro App

Smart technology has reached the restaurant thanks to the TouchBistro app. Gone is the need for waitresses to memorize your order or jot it down on a paper notepad. Now, they can type your orders into the TouchBistro app, while you wait in line. Electronic orders are sent to cooks. Restaurant accounting tasks can be completed faster since TouchBistro calculates customer bills and transfers them to integrated card keypads. The TouchBistro suite of cloud reporting tools can improve restaurant inventory, payroll, sales analysis, and tax calculations. Restaurant tax planning and preparation has been streamlined from start to finish.

TouchBistro QuickBooks Integration

TouchBistro QuickBooks online integration accounting is enabled with this POS iPad app. Once integrated, TouchBistro revenue and cost categories are mapped into the QuickBooks system. Our global restaurant chain clients can use TouchBistro QuickBooks online integration accounting to send data organized by food category or amount to our accountants. This SHOGO cloud-based integration can dramatically reduce the time it takes our accountants to complete their financial tasks. TouchBistro QuickBooks integration avoided double entry accounting, saving us valuable time. Bookkeepers can use the app on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Web-based devices. The TouchBistro system has an open API and is valuable on-premise or on the cloud. We are not alone in our praise for this industry-leading accounting app. It helps cafe, food kiosk and restaurant owners run their business more efficiently. And, our accountants never have to search for financial data, since everything is readily available.

Restaurant CFO Advisory Services

While many restaurant accounting systems have some of the financial data available, the TouchBistro application has proven to be comprehensive, by including cloud reporting and analytics. Back office operations can run more efficiently. For restaurant CFO advisory, our CPAs are able to track financial data from the source. This helps our restaurant accountants to cross-check data utilizing the TouchBistro software’s QuickBooks online integration. TouchBistro restaurant tax planning and preparation features improved management decision-making and strategic planning because of a better understanding of financials.


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