Top Female Mexican Business Owners in the US

Top Female Mexican Business Owners in the US

Top Female Mexican Business Owners in the US

Female Mexican business owners are powering the US economy. As of 2018, there were 400 female Hispanic-owned businesses started every single day. Since 2007, female-owned companies have grown at a rate of over 172 percent.

Recent census data shows that between 2014 and 2016, Hispanic women created firms that led to a 14 percent increase in employment in their field. Thus, these women employ more than half a million workers.

Latina owned businesses are one of the quickest growing sectors of entrepreneurship in the United States. Latina business owners are driving economic development while making notable contributions to their communities. The entrepreneurial spirit shown by these businesswomen has contributed and will continue to contribute to long-term success.

Fashion and Design For Mexican Business Owners

Rachel Gomez is the 32-year-old founder of Viva La Bonita. Being a Mexican business owner, Rachel Gomez is committed to building a platform that represents Latinas and shows the value of the Latina Market. Subsequently, like many other female Mexican business owners, the clothing designer and entrepreneur has had to overcome challenges. However, she is inspired by looking at other female Mexican business owners who came before her and overcame the same obstacles on the road to success.

Art Distribution

Sofia Luz Eckrich is the founder and CEO of Teysha. This company showcases art made by Latin American artisans. Being an American Mexican business owner, Sofia Luz Eckrich feels a strong attachment to this community and many of the items she features are produced in Guatemala. It brings her joy to see how her work is positively impacting the lives of so many people. Therefore, her advice is to take it, “Paso a paso and never ever stop going.”

Health and Wellness For Mexican Business owners

Salma Hayek has made a name for herself as an actress, model, and producer. In 2008, she partnered up with Eric Helms to build two wellness companies. The first is called Cooler Cleanse which delivers organic juice and supports customers’ weight loss efforts. The second is Blend It Yourself, which is a subscription service that delivers smoothie mixes that people can make at home. They also deliver organic face masks and other wellness products. Therefore, as an entrepreneur and Mexican business owner, Salma Hayek has done well for herself. Her net worth is over $115 million.


Ana Corrales is a leader in the business field. She has worked as the vice president of global operations at Google and is currently the CEO of Google Consumer Hardware. Forbes said she’s one of the most influential Latinas in business. Born in Costa Rica, Ana Corrales’ parents were the ones who exposed her to math, engineering, and technology at an early age. Her father was an entrepreneur and inventor, and her mother had a Ph.D. and was the dean of La Universidad de Costa Rica.

Subsequently, Corrales has made a name for herself by her ability to take startup businesses and grow them into multi-billion dollar companies. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to try a lot of things early in their career and then find something they really have a passion for. Fusion CPA is an Atlanta-based business committed to providing bookkeeping, tax services, and financial planning advice to female Hispanic entrepreneurs. We offer outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and cash flow management to entrepreneurs.

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