The Importance Of Maintaining Your Optometrist Clinic’s Accounting Tasks

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If you’re an optometrist who is operating an eye clinic, your business probably has several facets that keep you busy. Working with patients who need general eye care, LASIK surgery or treatment for various eye diseases can fill up each day quickly. Not to mention, you may also be working on marketing strategies for your business, managing employees and selling prescription glasses and contacts. With several tasks lined up for you to accomplish, you likely have specific processes put in place to manage all of your required activities. If accounting is one of the tasks you work on in-house, you may want to consider outsourcing this important job to an optometrist CPA who can help you pinpoint areas of your business that you can expand on or ones that require a little help. This article will explore¬†optometrist accounting services and how we can assist you.

Consistently Accurate Bookkeeping

Accounting is a top priority that is crucial to your business as it provides clues regarding the profitability and health of your company. When you are diligent about keeping your financials current, it can provide an excellent insight into the depths of your business, whether that’s for services provided or optical frames you have sold. When each expense and form of income is accurately recorded, these figures can be used to determine your cash flow and understand how well your business is doing financially. If you’ve been able to maintain your books up-to-date, that’s a great start. However, to take advantage of the knowledge that your financial numbers can provide, it may be lucrative for you to receive assistance from an experienced optometrist accountant.

As an optometrist, you likely have a steady stream of patients coming to your business for various eye tests and procedures. Even though you may be booking appointments each day and operating your business with a full load of clientele, the only sure way that you know where you stand financially is by looking at each separate aspect of your business to determine how revenues and expenses are affecting you financially. Do you have any trouble with invoicing or collecting payments for accounts receivable? Our team of optometrist accounting specialists is able to assist you with this process. It’s easy to get behind and lose track of late payments when you’re working on multiple areas.

Advanced Tax Planning and Preparation

Having a steady flow of patients that you assist should help increase your bottom line. However, while having increased profits is a great thing to have, it also means you’ll be paying more in taxes. Have you put a solid optometrist accounting and tax planning and preparation strategy in place to assist you with this large expense? It’s easy to forget about this important factor and not have enough funds available when your taxes are due. This challenge can be alleviated by getting help from an optometrist accountant who specializes in the guidelines and rules that are associated with your business. We can evaluate your current income and expenses to estimate future tax liabilities and suggest ways that you can reduce your tax bill, whether that’s through your entity structure or benefits offered by specific tax rules.

Utilize CFO Advisory To Grow Your Business

By tapping into the knowledge of our optometrist financial advisers, you’ll have access to an optometrist CFO advisory service that can assist with growing your business. We can analyze your company’s financial data to hone in on any available opportunities and highlight areas where you can cut expenses to increase profitability. Utilize one of our optometrist financial advisers as a trusted business partner and strategist who can help you implement new growth initiatives, assist with marketing pricing decisions, manage organizational changes or work on contract negotiations. When you have an expert you can rely on for assistance with the management of your accounting and financial functions, it will help make sure your business is on the right path towards meeting your goals. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!

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