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Working with an up-to-date storage system accounting software can help boost your business’s financial success. Self-storage operators like you need a smooth, streamlined storage system program to keep up with your every-changing numbers and figures, trends, and customers. SiteLink storage system accounting and management software is the gold standard among storage operators. It is that it is a cloud-based solution that you can enjoy thanks to its flexibility. The program is also designed to make it easy to use for storage system CPAs for their accounting tasks including bookkeeping and financial strategy planning.

Its scalability also makes it viable for small, medium, and large businesses. SiteLink’s array of features and functionalities is more than enough to provide you everything you need to manage your storage business. To help you better understand the program, our storage system financial advisers compiled some of their favorite features from SiteLink below.

Designed With Users In Mind

SiteLink was designed and constantly updated using a crowd-sourced approach to help it deliver precisely what storage operators need. It collects feedback from owners and operators of storage sites to create and update product features. The collective brainpower of people who need and use SiteLink helps create a turnkey product that is tailored to its user base. More than 14,000 system storage bookkeepers use SiteLink in different locations. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that many of the storage facilities you’re trying to keep up with are already using SiteLink for their storage system bookkeeping.

Storage System Accounting At The Palm Of Your Hands

We’re living in a world where entrepreneurs crave the ability to have immediate access to their financial metrics no matter where they are in the world. Fortunately, with SiteLink, you can do precisely this. SiteLink’s MyHub with Android, iOS, and Windows gadgets to give you access to your financial information wherever you are. With it, you can access the majority of SiteLink’s features to help you with your many responsibilities, such as storage system tax planning and accounting.

A significant feature that you’re going to be interested in if you’re focused on SiteLink accounting capabilities is its TOTAL Accounting portal. This feature makes it easy to keep up with financial controls, auditing, and compliance certifications. Here’s what TOTAL Accounting can do for you once it’s integrated into your SiteLink bookkeeping strategy:

  • Predict business trends.
  • Uncover hidden profit potential.
  • Foster peak financial performance.
  • Deliver high-level financial perspectives.

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If you’re using QuickBooks to perform the majority of your storage system accounting responsibilities, then SiteLink is perfect for you.SiteLink can easily integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting programs to help you create the perfect accounting system for you.

SiteLink’s QuickBooks integration allows you to export your SiteLink Total Accounting data to QBO periodically. By doing so, the two systems will have identical general journal entries, letting you create more intricate reports through QuickBooks. To export your SiteLink data to Quickbooks, you will need to:

  1. Set up matching general journal accounts both in SiteLink and QuickBooks.
  2. Choose between Cash or Accrual Accounting. Your choice will significantly affect the revenue and expense recognition of the system.
  3. Choose QuickBooks as your preferred accounting package.
  4. Select the General Journal Entries you wish to export.
  5. You can now export the storage system accounting from your SiteLinks account, which you can then import to your QuickBooks account.

Another next-level feature is the SiteLink Price Optimizer. This tool is customized for storage operators who are constantly dealing with price management for new and current tenants. The tool can seamlessly create business rules for changing rates to ensure that the proper amounts are being charged across your operation. The SiteLink Price Optimizer can be scaled for operations with more than a single site. Unit rates, tenant rates, and discounts can be handled accurately and consistently.

Payment Processing Capabilities

The SiteLink Merchant Services for ACH function streamlines payment processing for storage businesses like yours. With this feature, you can easily connect with payment processors and card companies. In addition, you will get instant tools for reporting, saving money, and staying compliant with industry regulations for ASV and PC. This tool is unique because it gives you the freedom to handle things on your own or link up with one of SiteLink’s own technology partners for processing payments. If you would like to learn more about how our team of small business accountants can help you streamline your accounting tasks in order to take your business to the next level click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!

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