Robotic Process Automation and How RPA Optimizes Automation in NetSuite

Robotic automated computer data with robot and NetSuite Logo

If staying abreast latest business trends and opportunities is high on your priority list, then time is of the essence for your staff. As the pace in commerce keeps quickening, businesses should prioritize automation and streamlined processes. Not only do artificial intelligence tools aid you to save you money that comes with having bulky teams, efficiency also brings you time. A promising technology to have emerged in recent years is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which uses software robots to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks such as data entry, record keeping and report generation.

In this article we take a look at the power of RPA and how it can be used to help automate tasks in NetSuite.

Using RPA to increase efficiency in NetSuite

While NetSuite’s accounting offers comprehensive, real-time financial management and customizable data visibility for businesses, linking the software with game-changing RPA technology will offer your business a number of benefits, that include:

  • Operating more efficiently: If you thought NetSuite on its own supported business efficiency, then linking it with Robotic Process Automation tech can be considered optimal functioning on steroids. Not only does the integration automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry – it alleviates staff from having the tedious task, while minimizing the potential of human error.
  • Improved data accuracy: Incorporating RPA with your accounting software will reduce errors and improve data accuracy – this is especially helpful in ensuring the reliability of business forecasting reports.
  • Regulatory compliance leading to accurate tax submissions: With errors being minimized as accurate business data is being recorded in the background, as transactions take place, business owners have peace of mind that they are making accurate and compliant submissions to the IRS when filing their taxes.
  • Better optimized resources: the automation that comes with synchronizing RPA and accounting software means that your business may be able to save staffing costs as reliable software takes over time-consuming tasks which would allow you to use skilled staffers more optimally.
  • Confidence to take smart decisions, fast: The level of automation that comes with RPA and NetSuite partnership offers real-time data insights that allow businesses to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiencies, at the click of a button.Managing the accounting side of your business no longer needs to be overcomplicated, thanks to the great strides in technological advancement. If your business makes use of accounting software and other tools and technologies that streamline operations and reporting, it is important to ensure that the software setup and integration are done correctly – this will save your business the headache of incorrect records and more. If your business would like to implement accounting tools to streamline accounting processes and make them more efficient, our experts can help. Schedule a discovery call with us for insights into how you can use technology to the advantage of your business.

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