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If calculating the numbers for your business has you feeling a sense of dread and anxiety every time you think about it; Profit First Accounting is exactly the kind of manual that will have you completely rethinking how you handle your numbers so that you look forward to crunch time. After all, why do you have a business? To make a profit, so obviously, that should be the first thing on your mind when you crunch your numbers right?

Mike Michalowicz has developed his view of numbers into not only a sustainable business plan to encourage business growth and owner involvement but has applied it to every business he owns, and like they say “the proof is in the pudding”.

Our team of knowledgeable Profit First accountants use the methods outlined in the Profit First accounting book to help our clients, it contains some core principles needed to encourage new business growth and restructure the way you interact with your budget and expenses without having to restructure your business. These tools can be utilized every day: not only has it worked for Mike but these principles have worked for other business owners as well.

This isn’t a self-help book nor is it a sales pitch or a get rich quick plan, this is a mental framework to get your money working for you. As any entrepreneur knows very few people get rich quick, building a business to have value and be profitable takes time and hard work. Profit First accounting gives you the tools to see profit where it is and make sure your business is producing what it needs to continually grow.

This isn’t just a book about a business plan; this is a book about business planning psychology. Our mind is the greatest asset we have: so understanding how to create a mental framework to work with our business and more importantly make our business work for us – is a very valuable asset.

We understand that it’s not numbers that run a business, it’s you. So why would you let the numbers run you? Accounting shouldn’t be an overwhelming concept, but one of the most valuable tools at our disposal. This book will completely change how you look at the numbers that are the lifeblood of your business.

With a number of books on successful business planning and execution written by Mike Michalowicz, Profit First gives us an important baseline to look at the numbers. Numbers shouldn’t evoke a feeling of dread; we should be able to see the opportunities they present.

Profit First¬†accounting is also a very readable book. Mike is able to paint us a picture of the mental tools at our disposal with engaging stories and thought-provoking imagery. This isn’t a textbook about accounting; this is a book about how to engage with the numbers of your business in a productive way.

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