Overcoming the Challenges that Come with Running a Family-Owned Business

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Family businesses are renowned for their potential in wealth generation and continuity, but these entities often navigate a unique landscape of challenges. The interplay of familial dynamics, emotional investments, and operational complexities can be both rewarding and demanding.

From succession planning and communication breakdowns to the delicate balance between personal and professional relationships. Family businesses navigate many underlying issues that can have a great impact on business. At Fusion CPA we have experienced it all. Our CEO along with our team of CPAs has helped many family businesses navigate generational transitions and conflicting priorities. As always, our ultimate goal remains to ensure fair decision-making to stimulate business growth.

In this article, we delve into the hurdles faced by family-owned businesses and explore strategies to help you thrive amid challenges.

Common challenges faced by family businesses

Family businesses face a unique set of challenges that can impact both their operational efficiency and familial dynamics. Overcoming these challenges begins with one crucial step: becoming aware of them. This will help you understand where strategic approaches need to be directed in this setting.

In addition to drawing clear lines between personal and business finances, here are some of the common challenges our CPAs have encountered:

  • Communication breakdowns: This is by far, one of the most common issues. Navigating communication challenges due to familial relationships can lead to conflicts, affect decision-making, and ultimately stall meaningful business operations.
  • Succession Planning: Identifying and grooming the next generation of leadership is one of the biggest challenges within this space. Oftentimes family entities fail to plan for the eventual exit of family members. Typically the topic either goes undiscussed or may be negatively affected by favoritism.
  • Governance and Structure: Balancing personal relationships with professional decisions is commonly overlooked. Maintaining professional standards in management often affects the unit’s ability to establish effective governance structures that ensure accountability and protect strategic decision-making.

Mitigating challenges

Navigating these challenges requires a strategic approach and, in most cases, external expertise. We take a look at some of the key approaches our CPAs have followed with family businesses.

1. Implement official business processes in line with industry standard

Implementing the correct business structure, protocols, and processes is pivotal in mitigating challenges unique to family businesses. Clearly defined roles, succession plans, and transparent communication frameworks help establish a strong foundation. This also offers your family staff guidance on managing the business despite family challenges. Emphasizing professional boundaries while nurturing familial bonds is crucial within the workplace – without clear boundaries and operating procedures in the current competitive business landscape, continuity is at risk. It is advisable to consult with a business development expert to help your organization establish working processes from an independent perspective.

2. Consider the emotional landscape and dynamics within the business

Successfully managing the emotional landscape within a family business involves acknowledging the unique dynamics at play. Do you have one family member who battles with anger management? Is there someone on the team that doesn’t know how to speak up? Regular family meetings, a culture of self-awareness, and open communication contribute to a positive emotional environment. Balancing the personal and professional aspects requires mindfulness and a shared commitment to the overall success of the business. Our CPAs have seen family businesses benefit from regular workplace EQ sessions to help family staff remain current when it comes to navigating challenges professionally.

3. Onboard an outsourced CPA

This is imperative. Not only to ensure the highest integrity by having an impartial person take care of your tax submissions to the IRS but also because an outsourced CPA brings a wealth of financial expertise to family businesses. From tax planning to ensuring the most accurate and streamlined financial reporting, an outsourced CPA will help protect your wealth while helping your business stay compliant. Having a neutral party manage financial processes and scrutiny at high level minimizes the risk of conflict between family members while allowing them to focus on their core strengths.

4. Onboard the services of an outsourced Business Integrator

Business Integrators are highly skilled project managers who oversee various portfolios within a business, freeing up top-level management to focus on business growth. They bring clarity, communication, and consistency to your business, and are experts at keeping leadership teams accountable and goal-focused. Engaging an outsourced business integrator provides family businesses with a strategic partner to navigate growth and change. Business integrators offer expertise in aligning business strategies, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation. This external perspective can bring fresh insights and solutions to challenges, ensuring the family business stays agile and competitive.

The challenges that come with running a family-owned business can have far-stretching consequences, affect compliance, and lead to penalties with the IRS. But with the right strategies, these challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and longevity. At Fusion, our outsourced CPA and Business Integrator services can help you. Contact us today.


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