Manage Your Assets Like a Pro with NetAsset for NetSuite

Asset management reports

As your business navigates dynamic markets and intricate operational frameworks, the need to effectively oversee, optimize, and leverage assets becomes crucial. Besides, strategic asset management is one of the cornerstones of sustainable growth and financial well-being.

Whether it’s tangible assets like machinery and real estate or intangible assets like intellectual property and customer relationships, our CPAs believe that adequately handling these elements can be the difference between stagnation and success.

In this article, we look into asset management and how the right tools, such as NetAsset for NetSuite, can revolutionize the way businesses capitalize on their invaluable assets.

NetAsset for NetSuite

Enter NetAsset, an all-encompassing asset management tool designed to seamlessly integrate with the robust NetSuite ecosystem. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, NetAsset empowers NetSuite users with control and visibility over their assets. From streamlined inventory management to advanced depreciation tracking, NetAsset offers a comprehensive suite of features, that include:

  • Keeping all your data in one place,
  • Giving you comprehensive automated accounting & reports, and
  • Automating tax depreciation data.

These features don’t only enhance the accuracy of financial reporting but also facilitate strategic decision-making. This is because the tool provides real-time insights into asset performance and utilization.

Key NetAsset features

NetSuite transforms asset management from a burdensome task into a strategic advantage as it serves your business with the following features:

1. It can monitor the entire asset lifecycle

NetAsset comprehensively accounts for and predicts every stage of an asset’s lifecycle, covering capital accumulation, in-service placement, depreciation and adjustments, maintenance, physical tracking, and reporting. This end-to-end data guarantees accurate financial reporting, enabling decision-makers to optimize resource allocation and proactively mitigate risks. The integration with NetSuite accounting software seamlessly turns asset management into a strategic advantage for attaining financial excellence.

2. It comes with built-in controls for data uploads

NetAsset utilizes NetSuite users and roles to facilitate the appropriate segregation of duties among accounts payable, fixed asset, accounting, and facilities teams. This ensures that each task is undertaken by the designated user. Instead of relying on extensive initial data dumps, the system gathers information from employees assigned to specific roles, streamlining workflows and enhancing information accuracy.

3. It offers advanced reporting to safeguard against compliance issues

Integral reporting features simplify the forecasting and auditing process. As part of its array of advanced reports, NetAsset generates Fixed Asset Roll Forward reports. This aids transparent audits and reconciliations. Additionally, it offers Waterfall reports designed to facilitate the projection of depreciation expenses related to your assets.

From an accounting perspective, monitoring assets ensures accurate financial reporting. It also safeguards against errors and potential financial discrepancies. NetAsset with NetSuite empowers accountants to maintain precision in their records, optimize resource allocation, and proactively address risks. Contact us to have this set up today!

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