How Can Jirav Help Advance Financial Reporting?


If you own or are planning to start a small business, you must understand the importance of managing your business financials. Depending on your type of business, your operational activities may involve tons of accounting, planning, and implementation. Luckily, the Jirav platform can help you keep a watchful eye on your financials. This platform allows you to analyze your current business’ finances in real-time, helping you make better decisions faster. It offers efficient visual reports to help you understand the current financial health of your business.

When you pair Jirav’s fantastic features with our small business accounting services then you’re on your way to a successful entrepreneurial career. By combining and visualizing different areas of your business data, each member on your team can share and interact with your small business accounting and financial metrics. This can help you create a more accurate budget and forecast, which can have a major impact on your business’ overall financial health

Our team of seasoned accountants can use Jirav to analyze your sales figures to help formulate plans for your business. They can also create forecasts and budgets to help you plan your business’s direction.


Streamlining Your Small Business Bookkeeping & Tax Planning

Jirav is a great tool for streamlining your small business accounting tasks. The platform allows you to have an overview of your income and expenses. You can also monitor your cash outflows for your staffing, outsourcing, travel, entertainment, marketing, and equipment needs.

However, while Jirav does provide a good summary of your income and expenses, you still need a great small business bookkeeper to take care of your business. Fortunately, we’ve got your back on this issue. At Fusion CPA, our outstanding team of accountants specializes in helping small businesses to safeguard against financial problems. Jirav’s reports can be customized to include a great deal of financial data recorded in your QBO account. With these reports, our team of small business tax specialists can utilize Jirav to help them create a custom tax planning strategy for your small business.

Jirav’s Reliable QuickBooks Integration

Jirav can provide a seamless Quickbooks accounting integration for your business. When the integration is set up correctly you will be able to take advantage of advanced automation features. For example, you are able to use Jirav to make your financial records and transactions will automatically synchronize with your Quickbooks account. Furthermore, it can help streamline your financial reporting to make sure that you have an accurate financial picture of your company.

To integrate Jirav with your QBO account, open the Actuals page, and click Connect to Quickbooks. You will then be prompted to enter your credentials into Quickbooks’s website. After completing these steps, you will be redirected back to Jirav, where you can set the accounting period to be imported to Jirav. After following these steps, you’re good to go with your Jirav-Quickbooks integration.

Advancing Small Business Financial Planning

By using the functionality of QuickBooks integration and the data used in Jirav, our expert small business CFO can take an unbiased look at your operating expenses and revenues to advise you on ways to cut expenditures. We can also help you improve your services or products to help boost your profits. We can use the metrics produced by Jirav to assess your operating systems and management. Once our seasoned team of small business CFOs analyzes these metrics they are then able to help you create a financial strategy designed to help you scale efficiently.

We specialize in helping companies to maneuver through both opportunistic and challenging economic conditions. If you want to learn more about Jirav and Fusion CPA, feel free to contact us now!

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