How to: Make a Success of Financial Statements Preparation

What Is Business Advisory

Today’s investors, stakeholders, and regulators are highly savvy and will scrutinize your organization’s financial documents for inconsistencies – therefore financial statements preparation is paramount to success. Our business advisors can help with this, and interpreting financial statements.

Organizations need to constantly adjust and reinvent themselves to stay in the game – or lose their edge and risk becoming obsolete. Business advisory services can optimize your business forecasting and increase your overall agility – helping your business better match project needs. An important part of our CFO’s guidance is helping clients with the preparation of their financial statements. This service is invaluable to businesses, especially as the entire business community today is facing unprecedented changes in economic conditions.

Some businesses got PPP loans after following our guidance to help them stay on track during the downturn, and other small businesses have been continuing to grow. But as you grow, you can become overwhelmed with many new responsibilities. You need to balance your growth without having to upscale beyond your affordability.

Imagine “The Godfather”

In the movie the Godfather, the consigliere offered advice, served as a sounding board, and kept abreast of external changes that would impact the family’s business. His job was not to make the final decision but to use his experience to provide counsel to guide the decision-making process.

A business advisor is not going to make you an offer you can’t refuse or sway you in a particular direction. However – like with the consigliere – innovation, tailored and comprehensive solutions are needed to address the needs of specific clients. Business advisory services offer creative, intelligent, elegant, and forward-thinking ways to address downturns in your company. Business advisory is more than just accounting or bookkeeping. It delivers tailored resources and service offerings like detailed statements and clear data to interpret. Analysis of these financial statements are necessary throughout a company’s life cycle to help them become more robust and create a distinctively positive experience for customers.

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Our Business Advisory Process

Preparing and Using Financial Statements

Business advisory services can help your organization keep up with the demands while reducing stress on your resources. Advisory teams can help your organization produce consistent, accurate, and quality financial statements. If you’re interested in growing your business and expanding on your current profit margins, it is important to have advisory teams conduct financial statements preparation for your business in order to analyse your business and prepare growth strategies.

Your “Godfather” Can Be a Whole Team

A well-qualified business advisory team is full of accounting and financial professionals who have the foresight to mitigate audit issues, accurately prepare documentation and communicate with auditors during the financial reporting process. Business advisory professionals have a firm grasp of financial documentation, technical expertise, and reporting requirements. As this is an essential part of their profession, they keep up-to-date with financial reporting issues and benefit from regular ongoing training.

Business Advisory is Flexible

Our CFO advisors aim to increase your profits, not rob you of them, so our pricing is flexible and depends on the level of hand-on guidance you want.

You invest in the longevity of your company

Business advisors see a bigger view of the financial picture and help businesses keep up with the latest developments in business growth, marketing, and finance. They can help you stay ahead of the game and help you get the latest software so your valuable team members are focused on the important aspects of growing a business. ERP software can handle many financial responsibilities that could previously only be done by humans.

You Won’t Be Stuck in the Weeds or Left Behind Completely!

The businesses that survive have as their cornerstone adaptability and flexibility. They have access to and know how to use purposely built tools to manage dynamic resources optimally. Successful businesses keep their competitive edge by having the right mix of resources, allowing them to do what needs to be done to generate more significant profit.

Outsourcing the services of a business advisory firm allows your organization to leverage the expertise of a team of financial and accounting professionals who can help you develop the tools and training needed for success.

Business Advisory for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Getting Help With Financial Statements Preparation and Business Optimization

Let us be your consigliere

Our services are geared to providing your business with the skills, tools, and expertise needed to succeed. We help develop a financial path that aligns with your goals and visions. If you want to learn more about how business advisory can streamline your business, we are here to help.

Our advisory services use Fusion CPA’s proven process to make your business a success. Learn more about our hands-on, transparent approach to supporting your business functions by contacting us.

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