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Working as a CFO and outsourcing your expertise can be a rewarding job, allowing you to share your knowledge and help a company stay aligned with its financial operations and goals for growth. Increasing the odds of performing well in this position can be completed by following a few CFO tips and financial advising career path advice solid career advice from seasoned veterans and current CFOs. They are already busy assisting companies in various industries. If you are currently looking for an Outsourced CFO position, here are some of their top tips and recommendations on how to be a good CFO after landing a position:

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Searching for a CFO Position

If you’re currently looking for a position as a CFO, scanning websites such as,, and to get you started. 

Honing in on their ads for CFOs should give you an idea of what the marketplace needs for this position. Focusing on the reporting relationship and details for each job is essential. Titles for posts typically don’t go in-depth enough to account for a necessary element like corporate treasury experience.

It is also advisable that you look through the requirements and traits of various job listings to get a better idea of what employers are wanting in CFOs and the role. 

Being Well-Grounded Can Help

Having industry-specific skills is less important than bringing a well-rounded skill set to the table. If you are a CPA or MBA who has strong decision-making skills, you likely have the edge over other candidates with industry-specific skills. Moving between companies can help you gain experience, and while the industry you work in doesn’t matter, obtaining corporate experience is a must. Coming from the treasury side or controller side is typical. It will be more challenging to get hired in a CFO position or a financial advising career path advice if you’ve only got a background in public accounting.

Why Business Owners Turn To our CFO Services

Getting Prepared Is Essential

Landing an interview for a CFO position gets your foot in the door. Conducting research is vital at this point. You can increase your odds of doing well in the first-round interview by being prepared. Examining the company’s 10K and top competitors is an excellent way to get started if you’re interviewing for a public company.

Interviewing for a private company can be done by reviewing the business’s Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reports. Examining data for key competitors should also be completed. Contacting current and former employees of the company you’re interviewing is also a good idea. Identifying the company’s competition can also be beneficial.

Financial Advising Career Path Advice and Next Steps

Once you’ve obtained a position as a CFO or financial advising career path, there are a few CFO tips you can use to become as successful as possible in the role. Incorporating these into your duties and mindset can help you better meet the needs of the company you’re assisting.

  1. Analyze the Cash Flows: Following the money and knowing everyone’s role in the company can give you a bigger picture of the underlying economics. Doing so tells the real story and provides the insight required to know how a business generates its profits.
  2. Balance Risk and Opportunity: Making the right investment decisions to help drive growth and ensure the company’s revenue turns into solid cash flow and earnings. Having a strong balance sheet and implementing innovative cost management and resource utilization are also essential. Optimizing the capital structure and using cash strategically is critical in maintaining a solid financial stance.
  3. Focus on Cash Generation: Growing revenue figures and managing expenses is textbook, but it’s also the best way to generate the cash a company needs to capture new growth opportunities, invest and return consistent value over the long run.
  4. Communicate Regularly: While analyzing the numbers is essential, communicating regularly with your team helps ensure you’re on the right track. Being comfortable with the people running the company can also be as helpful as working with the numbers.
  5. Know Where the Company Is Investing Its Money and Time: Getting your hands dirty by knowing how and where the company competes and adds value to its customers provides the insight you might not see when looking at the financials.

Financial Advising Career Path and Opportunities

Working in this role is a significant responsibility. However, when you incorporate this financial advising career path advice and perform well, it should be reflected in the company’s value. Here at Fusion CPA, we understand the importance of the CFO position. Handling the bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO financial advice decisions needed to improve our clients’ financial positions are vital roles we take seriously. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our services.


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