Do your invoices take too long to actually get to your customer? Are you able to track your employees’ timing and services? Do you feel that your company’s finances are not being handled properly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to integrate new technologies along with professional advice.

mHelpDesk is a field service software that provides accounting solutions to service/repair businesses. Simple tools as generating estimates or allowing customers to book services online are included in their features. In addition, more complex tasks as managing jobs, dispatching services, recurring job scheduling, inventory tracking, invoicing, payment processing, employee time sheets, and financial reporting are also the main attributes of this software.

Even though this program includes all these qualities, it does not run your business accounting cycle. However, all the information that it holds, is needed to execute the accounting procedures. For example, when a technician goes on a service call, he needs to active the dispatch. Once active, the system starts counting the time that the technician has been on site. This will help to generate a time sheet of that employee, and to calculate that project’s actual cost. While it is true that mHelpDesk will improve the time that your company invests in processing paperwork, scheduling services and invoicing, it is also true that trying to transfer all that data to your accounting software might result in a delay on the accounting procedures.

Is there any way to also speed up the accounting process? The short answer is YES! mHelpDesk integrates with several other software, including Quickbooks Online.

What is QBO accounting integration and how will it help your business?

Quickbooks Online’s accounting software allows you to run all your business sections in one place for accounting purposes. By tracking projects, managing bills, tracking your fleet millage, managing vendors, running the payroll, tracking your inventory and more. Its integration with mHelpDesk allows you to manage your business efficiently. While mHelpDesk will provide you tools like producing estimates or quotes, schedule, and dispatch services, track your flute with GPS, allow staff communication, produce service tickets and issue invoices directly from these service tickets; QBO accounting integration will allow to transfer all that data and make it useful for your business accounting process. This will improve your business’ productivity and reduce the time and effort invested in these administrative tasks.

After all, the data is efficiently transferred to Quickbooks Online, it will be time to start the accounting cycle. Running the accounting process properly is fundamental for a field service business to keep running strong. Not knowing the whole legal spectrum that rules businesses, could lead to committing mistakes that might affect your company’s financials or get you into legal conflicts. You can avoid that by utilizing our team of field service accountants.

How will our field service CPAs financial advice help improve your field service business status? And how can field service company tax planning streamline your business tax preparation?

Each company is different; either for the services it offers, the processes it employs or the philosophy it professes. We understand and embrace the differences of each customer and work each case individually. No matter the specific need you have: expedite payments to your vendors, improve billing processes (document processing, issue an invoice and send it to your client efficiently and quickly); and/or optimize the collection processes always staying faithful to the norms and laws that control said procedures. At Fusion CPA, our team of field service accountants, are experts in all these processes, which will ultimately result in the optimization of your company’s time and money.

Are you trying to reduce operational costs? Do you have cash flow problems? Do you want to manage your company’s debts in an efficient way?

Our field service CFO advisors will provide you with the tools to manage your business finances. We will also produce financial strategies to fulfill your company’s needs by developing your ideas in an effective matter. Our CFO advisory service does not just stick only to the financial topic strictly, but also reaches all the areas of your business that might affect it economically. marketing strategies, service agreements, employee compensations, invoicing procedures, We keep your business running by keeping.everything.connected.


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