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FareHarbor: Boat Rental Company Accounting

If you operate a company that offers boat tours and rentals you understand that utilizing efficient management software is imperative for the health of your business. A rental boat business scheduling software can help you make more time for your customers instead of battling with numbers behind a computer screen. It can play a key role in creating smooth operations for your business. Countless boat rental and tour companies are already using FareHarbor Online Activity & Tour Operator Booking Software for their rental boat business bookkeeping and tax planning to organize their finances.

FareHarbor provides you with resources that come with this cloud-based platform, making it easy to keep tabs on short-term and long-term plans. FareHarbor’s bookkeeping features offer reports that are easy to maintain, update, and access. With it, you can use downloadable reports to take stock of your business flow. FareHarbor has several layers that can be tailored to your business. For example, you can keep track of things like annual revenue or sales for specific packages or products. The comprehensive aspect of FareHarbor accountant tools means you’ll get a holistic picture of how your business is running instead of being forced to try to piece together different elements of your business operations.

Accountability, Tracking, and Security

FareHarbor’s rental boat business bookkeeping tools excel at keeping data and information secured. Its dashboard is backed by a high-end infrastructure that exceeds industry standards for data security. In addition, FareHarbor has a team of engineers on call around the clock in case you bump into any security concerns that require attention.

Another nice feature of FareHarbor is its real-time tracking for all updates and changes made to your account. Automatic audit logs are updated each time a change is made. You can also see exactly which user made every change. Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of the platform means you can manage everything from anywhere. With FareHarbor, you will have complete control over what each user can see and do on the platform. It is easy to set up detailed permission levels that allow or restrict access to various areas of your dashboard. In addition to keeping data protected, this feature also allows specific users to simply focus on what is relevant instead of getting bogged down by screens.

Putting Your Money Where Your Eyes Are

FareHarbor’s rental boat business CPA tools make it easy to see the entry and exit of your cash. It can also help you charge customers, save credit cards and manage refunds. What’s particularly brilliant about the setup of this platform is that you can view all of your payouts on your dashboard to see your exact cash inflow for the period. The accuracy and transparency offered by this platform makes it easy to come up with a rental boat business tax planning strategy for your business. The tools offered by FareHarbor makes it easy to bring your business into the future, spend less time stressing over spreadsheets, and get a better picture of financial operations. Our team of small business CPAs can help you create a financial strategy geared towards advancing your business. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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