As the legal business environment evolves, high-level accounting software platforms like Zola Suite are staying on track with the climate. Some law firms have already been reaping the benefits of Zola Suite to help manage clients from the moment they click on the law firm website until the time their case is closed.

Zola Suite & QuickBooks Integration

The use of Zola Suite to manage client information has reduced the workload for many law firms because of its superior tracking of client interactions. Its ability to integrate into other programs, such as Quickbooks improves workflow and may reduce time wasted because of errors. The major benefits of Zola Suite and QuickBooks integration are syncing invoices and linking payments, but there are many more functions available.

Law Firm CFO Advisory

One of the most important things about any business is having your financial affairs in order. Good financial documentation may prevent tax audits and help businesses obtain loans and other financially based benefits. For these reasons, bringing in a law firm CPA may help you relax knowing that your accounting and tax preparations are being managed by an expert. As a result, you can focus your efforts on representing your clients and growing your firm.

CFO Advisory Coupled With Innovative Software

Our law firm accountants here at Fusion CPA are extremely knowledgeable of law practice accounting technology integration. We offer to advise you of the best platforms for your industry and the integration capabilities of each platform with legal software like Zola Suite. Our firm can also manage your Quickbooks account to create a seamless accounting system across the board for your firm. By eliminating the stress of managing the accounts, your law firm can rest easy knowing that your financial accounts are always in order.

Best Practices For Law Firm Tax Planning & Law Firm Bookkeeping

As all businesses understand, the Internet has opened up many opportunities for increasing your business. It has also created a lot of competition. To gain market share in your specific industry, you must be able to focus on reaching clients. We at Fusion CPA, understand the pressures of the evolving business landscape and we are here to help manage your finances and business processes while you work on promoting your law firm, generating new clients, or representing your current cases. We offer accounting, tax planning, and law firm CFO business advisory to help reduce the amount of time and stress your law firm experiences from routine financial management. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today.


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