E Commerce Forecasting Using Webgility For Inventory

Webgility and QBO

With Webgility and QBO Accountant (QuickBooks Online Accountant), you’ll get seamless integration across all departments and segments of your business. These applications can make accounting and inventory management much simpler. They help you simplify controlling costs and serving customers. Think of the Webgility as a bridge between your sales and accounting departments. This E commerce forecasting software performs a range of functions that will simplify inventory control, prevent waste, and optimize reporting and analysis.

Some of the main features include inventory valuation and automated order point alerts. You’ll also appreciate the aging inventory list feature that allows you to prioritize some items on your website. It also allows you to spot underperforming merchandise easily.

All of this adds up to better customer service and savings for you

This application is also a Google High-Performance Award Winner for 2019, and it’s a preferred tool for eCommerce platforms like Magento, Woo Commerce, and Shopify. They are certified partners with QuickBooks. The customer service is top-notch as well.

Since both applications are entirely web-based, communication between your accounting team, sales managers, and warehouse are fast, easy to integrate, and accurate. The QuickBooks development team also designed the QBO app, so customer support and data migration are consistent and seamless. Anyone who uses QuickBooks Accountant for eCommerce would benefit from adding Webgility to the mix.

This inventory management E commerce forecasting software will reduce out-of-stock events while helping you capture more sales and a more favorable position in the search engine results. That’s because Google rewards quality customer service and UX. You’ll also be able to reduce long-term storage fees and other overhead costs by limiting stock on-hand.

Fusion CPA founder, Trevor McCandles, interviewed by Webgility

Webgility’s Parag Mamnani interviewed Trevor as part of their service called BeatIt, talking to entrepreneurs and experts about how they are beating the financial implications that come with the COVID pandemic.

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Inventory control is a precise analysis of past requirements, based on actual sales and market trends. The app then uses this information to make accurate recommendations for future purchases. That means less guesswork involved when ordering stock and a better buffer for when you need to ship merchandise overseas. Timely service means higher customer retention rates, more repeat business, and happier customers. It will also make life much easier for your staff. On the accounting side, you’ll be able to allocate funds where your marketing budget will get the best ROI. Revenues can increase with improved cash flow during those peak sales seasons, such as holidays and summer sales. You’ll even be able to leverage online sales events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday.

The app dashboard is clean, uncluttered, and easy to read. Best of all, everything you do with this app automatically migrates to the relevant records and files created in your QB business accounts. As a business owner, you have more important things to do than count stock. The combination of Webgility, QBO, and an accounting team that provides a full range of services will ensure that you have just the right items on hand when customers need them.

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