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When we consider the rapidly changing business landscape, it has become more important than ever for businesses to stay abreast of the accounting challenges plaguing their business industry. These could range from knowing what the effect of multi-state taxes may be on your e-commerce business, or understanding the most recent regulations on managing royalties in your entertainment business.

Being informed and acting swiftly to address the challenges your industry faces can save you money, but often requires specialized expertise and resources. That’s where our outsourced controllers come in.

Outsourced controllers are typically equipped with industry-specific knowledge and accounting expertise to decode the unique accounting challenges in your industry. They stay abreast of regulatory changes that may impact your industry and ensure that your business stays compliant in this regard.

At Fusion our specialist CPAs offer outsourced controller services and make business intelligence inferences from your data to help you overcome industry-specific accounting hurdles. In this article we give you an idea of our industry-specific accounting skills that can help your business overcome some of the accounting challenges your industry faces.

5 Common accounting challenges every industry faces 

  • Regulatory compliance: Every industry has its own set of accounting regulations and compliance requirements. Our CPAs have extensive experience across various industries that enables them to navigate the complex landscape of industry-specific regulations. They stay up to date with the latest changes to ensure your business remains compliant and avoids penalties and legal issues.
  • Accurate financial reporting: When it comes to making informed business decisions, it is important that business owners are able to analyze their financial data. Our specialist controllers understand the unique financial reporting requirements across different industries and can help businesses identify performance indicators relevant to your industry to drive insights that encourage growth.
  • Cost management: Effective cost management is essential for any business to remain competitive. Our CPAs assist businesses across different industries with budgeting and cost analysis. They can work closely with your management team to develop comprehensive budgets, track expenditures, and provide recommendations for cost reduction strategies specific to your industry.
  • Cash flow management: Having enough money to maintain smooth operations is essential for business sustainability and growth. Our outsourced controllers have extensive experience in analyzing cash inflows and outflows. They can use your financial data to forecast cash needs, and implement effective cash management strategies. 
  • Industry-specific software: Having the right software set up that considers the specific ins and outs of accounting for your industry, can make accounting processes within your business a lot easier. Our CPAs have over 20 years of experience with some of the most reliable accounting software. Whether it’s inventory management, expense management or project costing, we understand the unique requirements of your industry and can recommend and implement software solutions tailored to your business needs. 

Find out about our industry-specific accounting expertise

We have years of experience working across a number of sectors. Our CPAs focus on the accounting challenges unique to your industry, allowing you to focus on your core operations. Find out more about our expertise in the following areas.


We’ve assisted online retailers in tax planning, bookkeeping, business advisory, and software solutions. From distribution centers and warehousing, to supply chain companies, food delivery services, online course sellers, and much more.

Our team of retail and eCommerce accountants is lead by Blake and Kathe who have 30 years combined experience as online CPAs for retailers. Kathe has a Master of Accounting & Financial Management degree and Blake is a tax accountant extraordinaire.

What makes our team unique is our knowledge of accounting software for online businesses. We also consider ourselves experts at integrating software. Together with our bookkeeping services, this gives you a clear view of your financial data, enabling swift decision making.


The healthcare sector is highly regulated. One of the major requirements for healthcare providers is the high demand for accurate and transparent financial reporting. We have assisted dentists, fertility clinics and many other medical practitioners with industry-specific reporting solutions. 

Our healthcare-focussed CPAs are Susan Borkowski, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Accounting and has over 15 years of experience in the field. Working alongside Susan in this area is Katherine Harrington, who has a BA in Accounting and a Masters in Accounting & Financial Management. Katherine brings more than 24 years of experience to accounting for this sector.


We have accountants that specialize in bookkeeping, taxes and software solutions for social media influencers, professional athletes, music producers, actors, sports players, performing artists, photographers, models, and stand-up comedians.

Blake Gaul who is a CPA at Fusion has over 14 years of accounting experience. He works with Steven Sumners who is our firm’s Senior Tax & Accounting Manager. Together they help clients navigate multi-state tax regulations that affect the entertainment industry. They also aid clients to navigate accounting for royalties and residuals. These experts are seasoned at dealing with all things relating to accounting for entertainers and have helped many professional athletes remain tax-compliant.


We offer accounting for advertising agencies who are serious about revenue growth. Our outsourced financial services include implementing marketing-specific accounting software solutions to help your business stay compliant.

With our knowledge of marketing and accounting management software integration, you can also set campaign goals and get alerts when you’re hitting these benchmarks.

We’ve assisted public relations firms, SEM, PPC, email marketing, graphic design, and SEO consulting firms.


With the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, technology companies are at the forefront of innovation. As a tech business owner, it is crucial to proactively plan for the future. You need to stay abreast industry changes to remain compliant with changing regulation. 

Fusion CPA is forward-thinking and in the loop with latest developments in the tech industry. Our team can predict challenges before they happen. We’ve assisted SAAS, PAAS, IAAS businesses and IT companies of all sizes.


Having a tight growth strategy in place in a fast-paced business climate is imperative for any law firm wanting to remain ahead of the game in their field. Fusion CPAs accountants for law firms are well-versed in streamlining all aspects of financial management for law firms. We address the issues such as consolidations, optimizing law firm accounting software, succession planning, and labor cost management. We also offer CFO support to help law firms solve issues and prosper.

Our specialist accountants bring industry-specific expertise to the respective industries within which they operate. Whether it’s understanding regulations, setting up tailored financial reporting, or the need for industry-specific business advisory services. Our CPAs provide holistic guidance to the clients they serve. With their assistance, you can focus on your core operations while knowing that your accounting is compliant.

Contact us today to learn more about how our specialist CPA services can help your business thrive. Together we can decode your accounting challenges and unlock your business’s true potential.

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