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Choosing to work in the field of accounting can be rewarding if you’re a number cruncher and enjoy helping others. Working with a team is also essential as you may begin your journey as a junior member, preparing financial statements or auditing them. Becoming a certified public accountant or CPA allows you to assist small businesses, individuals, governments and corporations. Here are five tips related to solid accounting career advice you can use to make it more enjoyable and efficient when working:

1. Pay Attention To Details

Paying attention to small details is critical when you’re entering the accounting world as a new employee and is the best form of accounting career advice. Performing the required analysis of financial statements for clients requires a keen eye and zero mistakes. Your education will have prepared you for this aspect of the job, but carrying it over to other elements can be helpful. Proofreading emails and checking the correspondence you send to other team members or clients is essential. If you do make a few mistakes, learn from them and perform the task better next time.

2. Prioritize Your Duties

Knowing how to handle your workload may be challenging when you’re beginning your journey as a junior accountant or CPA. Trying to guess which tasks should be prioritized may leave you stressed and unproductive. A critical piece of CPA career advice is to reach out to your manager when you are unsure about the jobs requiring priority. Receiving specifics on the tasks expected of you will bring peace of mind and make it more efficient to streamline your workload. This element can be completed for a daily, weekly and monthly list of activities, depending on the types of tasks you have been assigned to complete. Clarifying the responsibilities and priorities needing to be met will help ensure you achieve each expectation correctly and effectively.

3. Keep an Open Line of Communication

Another form of accounting career advice light is extremely beneficial is keeping an open line of communication. Responding to phone calls, an email or other type of request quickly and succinctly helps safeguard you from forgetting to communicate back to the person initiating the correspondence, whether that’s a client, member of your accounting team or manager. Replying lets them know you’ve received their message and have put it on your to-do list. You don’t have to begin working on it immediately if you’ve got other priorities you’re working on finishing. Sending them a quick response allows them to know you are aware of their needs and will get back to them when you can. Keeping an open line of communication helps ensure everyone’s on the same page and working on solving problems.

4. Go Above and Beyond When It’s Needed

Getting into the habit of going above and beyond your daily duties can help fill gaps that may have gone unnoticed. Taking the initiative to propose solutions or fill in when there’s an obvious need will be appreciated by other team members. Implementing this accounting career advice tip doesn’t mean you are required to work extra hours or go overboard with your providing help. Stepping in and taking the initiative to assist in an area you recognize is lacking should help keep the flow of the workload being worked on even smoother.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Understanding more about the data you’ll be dealing with will make it easier to handle and should aid in relieving any stress you might have. Being responsible for another organization’s finances may put some pressure on you. It’s important to know this element is just part of the mental game of being a CPA. Working as an accountant requires you to deal with a significant amount of information. Being as resourceful as you can and taking the initiative to answer questions is part of the process. However, if you’re unsure how to proceed, a good piece of CPA career advice is to reach out and ask relevant questions.

Following these tips should allow you to be more productive and make it more efficient to get your workload done on time. Incorporating them into your process will help streamline your duties and make the career you’ve chosen more rewarding.


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