Can an Outsourced CFO Improve Your Small Business’ Financial Position?

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If you are operating a small business, you’re fully aware of the abundance of opportunities it brings as well as all of the challenges. These can include keeping your bookkeeping in order, following regulatory guidelines and reporting your taxes. If you’re like many busy entrepreneurs, you probably outsource your bookkeeping, tax planning, and preparation. While this can save you time and provide a great amount of value, you may want to consider using our outsourced CFO services as well.

Our small business CFO advisory team can assist you by providing an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation and help prepare your business for the future by creating a customized financial strategy that you can follow.

Analyzing Cash Flow And Profitability

As a small business owner, you have to keep your attention on a number of different facets of your company. This helps ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently. However, while a large majority of your focus should be on operations, you’ll also want to spend time evaluating your financial data to understand if there are any current issues that need to be addressed or opportunities available that will help increase profitability and cash flow.

Our small business outsourced CFO advisory specialists can assist with this type of analysis. We are able to help you determine if there are areas where you can reallocate expenses or cut costs and can also assist with analyzing your services or products to discover ways to make them more profitable. In addition, we also have the ability to arm you with financial strategies that will improve how you manage your cash flow.

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Assisting With Contract Negotiations

When your business is engaging in contract negotiations, the assistance of a CFO can really streamline this proces. Our team of experienced CFO avisory accountants have a clear understanding of the contract negotiation process and can assist in getting your business what you need. A outsourced CFO adviser has expertise and experience in these type of matters and can help your business receive the best credit lines, rates, terms and conditions and payment options. In turn, this will help ensure that you have an adequate amount of cash flow available to keep your organization and operations running as smoothly as possible.

Managing Organizational Changes

If your company is going through any acquisitions or mergers, our small business outsourced CFO advisory service can assist with this type of transition. When an ownership change takes place, it has a way of directly impacting your firm’s growth strategy. By utilizing our business advisory service, you’ll have access to one or more experts who have the appropriate background to help with analysis and create a strategic direction that will lead your business towards success.

Risk Management

Your company is never too small to have a risk management plan in place that helps prevent and protect your business against errors, fraud and other types of business risks. By utilizing an experienced outsourced CFO, you’ll have an expert by your side who has the ability to create the appropriate operational and financial controls that will assist you in identifying and mitigating too much exposure to risk.

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Fusion CPA’s outsourced CFO advisory team provides small businesses with the necessary resources to help streamline financial decision-making. Our team utilizes analytical skills and are able to apply them to different facets of your business such as technology, sales, operations and human resources, we can help establish workable budgets and then compare them to the actual results that you receive. We will provide you with immediate feedback to assist in your scaling initiatives, help you leverage new opportunities and quickly help your company change direction when market conditions become unfavorable.

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