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Building Businesses With Salesforce: Tax & Accounting Considerations

When many people think of CRM (customer relationship management) or PaaS (platform as a service), they may immediately think of Salesforce. Salesforce has pioneered both technologies, which have influenced countless industries.

Building an App with Salesforce

Before companies build an application, before they discuss the financial aspects of it with their CPA, and before they focus on CRM PaaS tax planning, they usually have to ask if they will build the app from scratch or if they will build it using Salesforce.

Salesforce PaaS is a streamlined tool offering an end-to-end software solution that makes it possible for app designers to connect all of their employees, requiring fewer resources and allowing app developers to manage their business anywhere.

Salesforce is also a mobile-first platform, so it gives developers straightforward paths to create mobile applications. When Salesforce is used to create an app for a browser, it also creates a clean looking, versatile, mobile version.

Salesforce is simple. It was designed to allow people with little to no technical expertise to hit the floor running. Salesforce’s “Trailhead” is an easy and fun way to learn how to use this platform.

CRM PaaS Tax Planning for App Designers

Successful app designing firms are managed by people who have the technical knowledge needed to understand Salesforce, with its CRM and PaaS capabilities, while also understanding the tax implications of decisions made in their firm.

The R & D tax credit should be at the heart of the early stage of a tech company's CRM/PaaS tax planning. Since 2015 this tax credit has been a permanent part of the tax law. If your CRM/PaaS bookkeeping shows that your business has gross receipts of less than $5 million and no gross receipts prior to 2012, you may apply up to $250,000 of your research credit against your payroll tax liability. There are a few requirements that must be fulfilled. Our financial advisers generally recommend working with an expert who should be able to explain what qualified research expenses are.

Using Salesforce to Meaningfully Engage with Customers

Salesforce offers customer relationship management (CRM) technology designed to improve business relationships. Within a business, CRM technology pioneered by Salesforce helps to prevent disjointed data from populating separate notepads and documents and helps keep everything in one place.

A good example of how Salesforce CRM technology can help a company facilitate communication between departments is the way it can be used to improve communication between your accountant and the marketing department. A firm’s accountants usually monitor the financial condition of the firm. The marketing department develops sales for the business.

Your company’s bookkeeping should tell you the financial result of business transactions your company engages in during a set period. Some of the most important expenditures your business makes may be in the realm of marketing and advertising. For this reason, your CPA should be communicating with your marketing team. For example, your marketing team might create a “successful” marketing campaign. However, when your accountants review your bookkeeping, it may become clear that the campaign was too expensive. Salesforce’s CRM technology has the functionality to help make that valuable information available to all who need it.

Consulting with a CRM PaaS Financial Adviser

Whether you are looking for tax planning strategies to use while developing an app or looking for ways to improve the way your accounting department communicates with other departments, Fusion CPA’s financial advisers can help. Our team of experienced CPAs stands ready to assist you to help improve cash flow management and create growth-oriented financial strategies. We offer to help you improve risk management, create tax planning strategies catered to your business needs, and identify unique ways PaaS and CRM software may effectively streamline accounting-related communications while building the groundwork for long-term growth. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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