Beyond Tax Season: Perks of Our Tax Subscription Services

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Tax season is not a favorite pastime for any business owner. Filing your taxes requires you to navigate complex tax regulations while asking you to have a meticulous eye for detail. Even the best CPAs rely on having a number of building blocks in place to ensure a successful tax preparation process. 

At Fusion CPA, we have over a decade of experience with tax submissions for different types of business entities. We have worked with high-net-worth individuals, family businesses, and small and large enterprises alike. As such, we have learned that the single most beneficial thing you can do as a business owner is to ensure continuous preparation.

Fusion CPA Now Offers Tax Subscription Services

Last-minute tax prep can be highly stressful for both tax professionals and business owners alike. It not only puts you at risk of inaccuracies but could also lead to penalties for late submissions. We have found that diligently gathering information throughout the year reduces the risk of errors and optimizes opportunities for deductions. For this reason, our firm is moving away from the traditional tax preparation approach and offering a year-round solution to managing taxes. Here’s what it entails.

Our tax subscription services

From reducing the rush to compile documents to getting personalized inputs from our tax experts, our tax subscription services are designed to help save you time and money.

Here are four compelling reasons why embracing year-round tax preparation services is an investment in your financial well-being.

1. Peace of mind, all year round

Minimize tax stress as our accountants take a proactive approach to tax planning. We work with your financial data continuously to collate necessary information throughout the year. The benefit of this is that our regular engagement with your financial data will aid us in identifying opportunities and potential pitfalls well in advance. Year-round tax services offer business owners peace of mind of knowing that your tax matters are in expert hands at all times.

2. Maximize the deductions and credits available to you 

Our clients report the worst part of tax season to be the endless scramming for supporting documentation, proof of revenue and expense records and the overwhelm that comes with making sure you report everything accurately. By staying engaged with your CPA throughout the year, your financial records will be maintained throughout the year. This allows us to maximize your tax benefits and ensure that no deduction or credit slips through the cracks. 

3. Strategic financial insights and advice

Constant engagement with your financial data means your CPA gains real-time insights into your financial position. Similarly, staying ahead of the numbers can shape the trajectory of your business. For this reason, you no longer need to wait for tax season to understand your financial standing – along with the inputs of your CPA, you can be empowered to make informed decisions promptly.

What you get from subscribing to annual tax services:

  • Adequate and compliant recordkeeping 
  • Email accessibility to a professional CPA 
  • Updates on the latest tax-related information and changes
  • Regular reminders to aid in meeting internal and IRS tax deadlines
  • Information on accounting tech and software to aid efficient tax planning
  • Access to expert analysis of business finances and budgeting 
  • Customized solutions to streamline processes within your business
  • Tax planning tips to aid efficiency and saving in the following tax year

4. Controlled and predictable billing

You spoke and we listened. Our new subscription-based tax services model is all about being more aligned with your needs.

With this approach, you can plan your finances better, without the unpredictability of ad hoc costs. Therefore, our subscription-based model is not only designed to offer you closer, more regular contact with your CPA, but it is also aimed at reducing unexpected costs.

At Fusion we want to provide you with a more predictable way to budget for tax and accounting services throughout the year, to encourage business growth. The challenges of last-minute tax preparation extend beyond the immediate time crunch. Additionally, it impacts accuracy, strategic decision-making, and overall financial well-being. Contact us to talk about the best solution for you.

*Please note that accurate and timeous tax filing submissions and services require relevant and timely financial information to be provided to our CPAs, per the agreed and structured deadline schedule provided to our clients

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