Accounting Utilizing the BlueVine & QuickBooks Online Integration


In the world of small business bookkeeping and accounting, there aren’t very many financial solutions that can keep up with Quickbooks Online. From bank reconciliations to accounts receivable and everything in between, this particular program can handle pretty much every aspect of a company’s accounting needs. Of course, Fusion CPA’s Quickbooks Online integration accountants would make the point that one of the most impressive things about BlueVine’s online financing solution is its ability to seamlessly integrate with accounting software. For businesses that are looking for access to a fast and simple invoice factoring line, the fact that Quickbooks Online (and Quickbooks Desktop) can so easily sync with BlueVine is particularly important.


Assistance With Financial Decision Making in Bluevine

When you sync your Quickbooks Online system with BlueVine, it almost instantly becomes a lot easier for you to make tough financing decisions. When you combine these two systems, you will be able to automatically view your Quickbooks Online invoices from your BlueVine dashboard. You can then get an advance on your invoice with the click of a button. Because BlueVine gives you the ability to factor individual invoices, they give you the flexibility to make better financial decisions. For example, you may not need to finance all of your receivables at one time. Using BlueVine, you can pick and choose which invoices to factor and when, whenever you need the funds, this way you are only paying to finance your receivables when you need to.

Trusted—BlueVine is a respected partner of QuickBooks Financing.

BlueVine also provides robust reporting on your BlueVine loans within their online dashboard. Our knowledgeable small business accountants are able to utilize the financial information from BlueVine’s reporting to help to give you an immediate overview of your current financial status. This makes our CFO advisory team’s financial review process more streamlined. This makes providing you with the high-level financial metrics you need to determine if you can afford to buy that new machine or hire that new employee.

Considering QuickBooks or BlueVine bookkeeping services?

We help our clients get clear vision into their current financial situation with QuickBooks bookkeeping services. We utilize this customizable platform to help you stabilize your businesses and plan ahead. When you integrate these two systems and utilize our small business accounting services, you can be sure that you are basing your big decisions on up-to-date and accurate financial information.

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