4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Integrating NetSuite With PayPal or Stripe

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With the world going digital, almost all businesses now accept payments online. The convenience of digital transactions might mean an increase in sales for your business, but ensuring the correct payment processing setup is imperative to keeping business operations seamless and financial records up to date.

If your business makes use of PayPal or Stripe for payment processing then you’d benefit greatly from having it integrated with your NetSuite accounting software platform – not only does the integration minimize the risks that come with manual data capturing, it also benefits the accounting division of a business in a number of ways.

How NetSuite integration with Stripe or PayPal can benefit your business

Both Stripe and PayPal allow businesses to accept payments online. These are the reasons it would make sense to have this software linked to your accounting software.

1. Streamlined payment processes

Having your payment processing platform integrated with NetSuite will mean that all payment data between the platforms will automatically be synchronized. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, which saves your business time and makes operational sales processing together with financial recording of transactions, seamless.

2. Manage international payments

Both Stripe and PayPal allow businesses to accept payments in multiple currencies. NetSuite offers sophisticated accounting tools for managing and reconciling foreign transactions, which means that integrating these two software platforms will allow businesses to automate their international payment processes. The integration will also aid in ensuring that all financial data is accurately recorded in the business ledgers, which encourages reliable financial reporting to the IRS.

3. Manage subscription billing

If your business offers subscriptions, you will benefit greatly from both Stripe and PayPal’s ability to manage recurring payments – have peace of mind that subscription payments will be collected timeously and that upon payment failure your will be notified. NetSuite’s invoice-generation and revenue recognition ability means that having it integrated with either of the aforementioned payment processing tools will keep your accounts receivable and finance records up to date in this regard. Late and problematic payments will be flagged and recorded as such within your bookkeeping system.

4. Gain greater insights into financial performance of your business

Having accurate and up-to-date financial data giving insights into sales trends will guide your business in terms of best and worst performing products, which will enable you to make informed decisions about continuing certain product or service lines. Through the data this integration presents your business, you may discover opportunities to launch new products or keep investors informed with real-time updates on the sales performance of your business.

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Businesses have never been in positioned for growth more than in these present times, thanks to the great strides in technological advancement. If your business makes use of accounting software and other tools and technologies that streamline operations and reporting, it is important to ensure that the software setup and integration are done correctly – this will save your business the headache of incorrect records and more. If your business would like to implement accounting tools to streamline accounting processes and make them more efficient, our experts can help. Schedule a discovery call with us for insights into how you can use technology to the advantage of your business.

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