Business Advisory

Your outsourced Finance chair using the EOS Traction framework.

The CFO is a business partner and strategist for the CEO. The CFO develops and implements growth initiatives; develops financing strategies, assist in product positioning; consults on capacity and marketing pricing decisions; negotiates contracts; designs compensation plans, and manages the financial and accounting functions to ensure financial reports are timely and accurate.

We go beyond compliance work, joining forces with the CEO and investors to help improve cash flow and enhance the long-term value of the business. In recent years, the role of the CFO has become much more important in the development of a firm’s overall strategy. The CFO often becomes an integral part of the management team. Fusion CFO Business Advisory and Outsourced CFO Services provides the tools and people for our clients to be successful.

Trusted Outsourced CFO Solutions – Our Methodology

Phase 1: Assessment Phase

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Recommendations

Phase 2: Implementation Phase

  • Project Planning
  • Prioritizing Goals
  • Take Action

Phase 3: Client Services

We understand every business is unique and resides along the roadmap of the entrepreneurial journey, whether as a start-up or as an existing business.

Services for start-up companies:

  • Preparing for and leading fundraising efforts, including doing accurate reporting and realistic projections of the company’s current and future finances
  • Using a broad scope of contacts to choose the best advisor early in the company’s life cycle, such as lawyers, CPA’s, tax accountants, bankers, and insurance agents
  • Consulting on matters of corporate governance and formations of boards and advisory committees
  • Presentation of results, plans, and initiatives

Services for seasoned businesses:

  • Maximizing cash flow for the short and long term by using hands-on management and forecasting tools
  • Organizing management and leading growth initiatives
  • Researching and implementing financial benchmarks from the client’s industry, a process that boost the value of the business
  • Capital planning
  • Helping clients strategically maneuver through the challenges and opportunities of economic booms and busts
  • Management and systems assessment
  • Mentoring key staff members
  • Right-sizing analysis and implementation
  • Presentation of results, plans, and initiatives
  • Succession planning
  • Exit strategies
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Crisis and interim management

Why you might need us:

  • Companies experiencing high growth without infrastructure
  • Financial management teams needing additional resources
  • Companies that cannot produce accurate and timely financials
  • Management teams without an experienced CPA in the Finance Chair using EOS Traction
  • Companies experiencing high turnover in accounting and finance
  • Companies in early stages of financial distress
  • CPA firms with audit clients experiencing going concern issues
  • Lenders concerned about financial covenant violations
  • Private equity groups concerned about portfolio holdings
  • Potential acquirers of small to mid-size businesses
  • Board members and Trustees

Integrating Outsourced CFO Financial Analysis Software