Sales KPI Examples

Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have evolved into a state-of-the-art formulation for exacting peak sales performance.

The sales mechanisms begin with structured tools that indicates the status of the performance of products, services, sales management, and sales staff in specified target markets. These tools include:

  • Market research
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales data analyses
  • Sales data visualization
  • Comparative competitor benchmarking
  • Sales Budgeting

Business owners and entrepreneurs know the importance of KPIs for sales. However, for sales KPIs to be timely, cost-effective, and efficient, data compilation and research should be accurate and shared with all sales personnel.

Elevate Sales Proficiency

In the past, sales managers and sales executives created sales teams to develop competition between sales individuals to strive for the best sales scorecard. This method of scorekeeping for sales took time and was not cost-effective. Sales scorecards were based on the number of products or services sold by each sales team member. This data was then compiled so that each sales team was rated according to the overall performance of the teams.

Today’s sales scorecards are based on initiatives implemented by business owners, sales managers, and sales executives. Business sales initiatives, policies, and goals form a KPI dashboard on which a scorecard’s elements are based. For example, a scorecard is compiled for each sales team member. They can be used for sales performance reviews, weekly or monthly sales meetings, and sales coaching. A generic scorecard might include:

  • Generation of new clients
  • Interactive generation of additional sales
  • Inbound and outbound Sales Development Representation
  • Inbound and outbound Business Development Representation

These are qualitative and quantitative metrics that help avoid problems with sales teams’ underperformance and individual sales reps. In addition, tracking KPIs for salesmen and women’s performance offers business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their products and services to their customer base.

Introducing Modern KPIs For Today's Sales Teams

Most of the early forms of KPIs have gone the way of a more advanced methodology for today’s hi-tech sales teams. Relying on software to create crucial sales data benefits not only businesses but also individual sales team members and customers.

Gone are the one to one, in-person sales calls and relentlessly aggressive customer relations. Today, the focus of sales teams is on reliability, consistency, and software applications. This makes sense given that the present buying habits of customers have undergone a radical change to demand excellent service and the highest quality.

To achieve goals that address buyer changes, business owners and entrepreneurs realize the importance of KPI metrics and data analyses of customer buying developments. Qualitative and quantitative metrics are the key elements of business growth and development. Read more about why metrics matter.

In short, if something isn’t measured, it cannot be tracked over time and will simply not improve. This gives competition the upper hand if they are consciously tracking their business growth.

As KPI for salesmen and women are analyzed, the analysis reveals strengths and weaknesses within each sales team.

The Sales KPI Process

Sales KPI examples may be specific to the nature of the business. Thus, examples of Sales KPIs can be quite variable. Within the Sales KPI process lies the ability to define a KPI for each product, each service, and each sales team member, including management and sales executive oversight.

Examples of Sales KPIs for a moderate-sized company that offers industrial equipment sales and services might include cumulative data for heavy-duty equipment like industrial cranes, lowboys, semiconductors, or industrial robots.

However, if the company leases equipment and offers repair services on equipment sold, KPIs for sales would vary and include sales of equipment, leasing agreements, and sales for repairs. Then, KPIs applicable to a sales team would break down according to the type of sale.


  • Equipment Sales Lease Agreement Sales for Repairs
  • Percent
  • Sold by

Most often, a business tracks each individual type of sale and quantity sold and sales team members’ sales performance through the use of relational software applications. Accounting software includes modules that detail inventory control related to the cost of sales, sales revenues, and the cost of sales returns. Inventory control software may not track KPIs for salesmen and women since the basis of this accounting module is to calculate the inventory of supplies, products, and related costs.

How Important Are KPIs For Your Sales Team?

The use of KPIs in today’s business world are a compendium that reflect the awareness of business owners of the need to implement comprehensive KPIs that refresh business operations. Sales KPIs help business owners maintain a stable customer base and also keep track of their sales teams’ daily performance. When Sales KPIs are a key driver of business impetus, they become an essential part of your sales team. Business owners may face problems implementing Sales KPIs that impact business goals and presence in today’s global target markets. As such, custom business operations require custom sales KPIs.

How Important Are KPIs For Your Sales Team?

To customize your sales KPIs and turn them into scorecards with measurable data, choose an expert CPA team with diverse experience in all business and accounting functions that are necessary to reach your business goals.

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