Increase Efficiency in Your Business by Implementing Scorecards and KPIs

Whether your goal is to become a more systematized organization, to scale your company or stabilize what you have accomplishes, scorecards can help. Utilizing weekly activity-based scorecards or KPIs will allow you to accurately gauge the pulse of your organization on a consistent basis.

Your scorecard is not your organization’s profit and loss statement; your scorecard allows you to keep tabs on all important activities that contribute to your success. Thus, you don’t have to wait for a quarterly review to pick up inconsistencies.

While your scorecard will not tell you what your financial numbers will look like at the end of the quarter, if you are able to monitor key metrics from your sales, operations, and finance departments on a weekly basis you will be able to react to issues and downturns as they arise.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when creating your departmental scorecards.

Metrics must be

  • measurable: when you implement a scorecard that is measurable you reduce the bias that lies within managing assumptions, opinions, egos, and emotions.

  • reviewed weekly: your scorecard metrics need to be weekly activity-based numbers that you can quickly review to measure whether your organization is on track.

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