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The E-learning – Online Course Market is gaining popularity more and more each year. According to Forbes, the e-learning industry is the future and is projected to rise to $325 Billion by 2025. As an e-learning – online course business owner, you want your piece of that pie. Without having a knowledgeable CPA by your side, you take on the responsibility of maintaining your company’s accounting tasks, including bookkeeping and tax planning. So, if this is not an area you are very proficient in, you could be leaving money on the table, especially during tax preparation.

In today’s economic climate, it is hugely counter-productive for businesses to leave any money on the table. You need an experienced e-learning accountant who is technically proficient and proactive about identifying tax savings. We work closely with many different types of online course companies, including e-commerce, entertainment, field service, law, marketing, real estate, staffing, and technology in all stages of their businesses. We understand the business complexities that exist in the different kinds of online course companies, and we use this knowledge to ensure that our clients are set up for efficient financial success.

Fusion CPA applies our experience and resources to help you identify opportunities to achieve your goals, provide operational efficiency through effective workflows and processes, and increase profits for your firm. We have the resources to respond to your needs quickly. Contact us today at 404.955.7338; our team is here for you.

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Practice Management Platforms For Online Course Companies:

Online Course Specialized Services:

  • Identifying the most advantageous form of professional practice (proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company)
  • Ongoing internal accounting for your Online Course company

  • Assist with identifying and integrating the ideal E-learning – Online Course company practice management software solutions

  • Identifying key metrics and benchmarking your company against industry standards

  • Work to establish e-learning company financial reporting best practices

  • Examine financial reports to create a road map for strategic reinvestment opportunities

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Strategic quarterly and annual tax planning to minimize the tax impact for e-learning companies

  • Succession and ownership transfer planning (internal installment buyouts, etc.)


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