International Entrepreneurs and Expat Taxes

Learn more about what we do as outsourced accountants

International Entrepreneurs and Expat Taxes

Learn more about what we do as outsourced accountants

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  • Ongoing business account reconciliation
  • Tax planning and compliance for international expat entrepreneurs
  • Identify key metrics and benchmarks with your competitors
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Assist with ownership and transition strategies
  • Cash flow monitoring and collection patterns
  • Customized monthly or quarterly financial reports
  • Identify growth strategies
  • Identifying the most advantageous form of professional practice (proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company)
  • Assist with equity and profit and loss allocation strategies
  • Work to establish financial reporting best practices
  • Project management software evaluations

Expat taxes are more specialized

If you are an expat entrepreneur who is living abroad in the United States and operating your own business, you are probably earning foreign earned income. While your main focus is likely on making sure that your business continues to thrive, you’ll still want to address your international expat accounting.

Since your home country is not the United States and you own a business in the United States, there are a few different aspects to your accounting that may need to be addressed. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing one or more of our expat entrepreneur accountants. You expat tax planner will be able to guide you through the proper IRS Forms that need to be completed.

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Our international expat tax planning team is familiar with all of the tax requirements that need to be met if you are operating your own business outside of your home country. We have the ability to team up with you and provide a thorough analysis of the current financial health of your business and help you discover strategies that may be able to leave you with more money in your pocket after paying your taxes.

Our CPAs have the knowledge and experience to understand all of the unique factors that your international business may deal with. We provide guidance and are always happy to assist you with any challenges that may arise.

As your business progresses, you face financial challenges that are difficult to work through. You are responsible for making determinations regarding benefits packages, pricing decisions, advertising budgets, and other crucial decisions. Having an experienced, empathetic partner with you to offer solid business advice can make a huge difference in the direction and outcome of your endeavor. Our accountants utilize their years of experience and analysis of your financial metrics to offer you a fresh perspective. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of your financial information so that you can make thoroughly informed decisions.

Overcome the fear of tax payments

While your international income is typically subject to being taxed by the IRS, there are some tax strategies that you may be able to utilize to exclude some of the income that you earned internationally from your total income figure. In addition, there are regulations related to your foreign housing amount that you may be able to use to reduce your gross income.

Our international expat CPAs are experts in traversing through these areas of United States tax laws and can make sure that your business is taking advantage of any qualified tax breaks. If you would like to ensure that your international expat tax planning is on track for the future, you’ll want to contact us today.

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  • Then, we draw up a proposal based on the scope of the accounting services you need. We consider your current situation, as well as your business goals. Whether you need basic accounting or more in-depth analysis, our team of outsourced bookkeepers can make it happen.

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