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As a staffing agency, you need to be able to focus on providing quality service to your clients and building your business. We provide strategic financial planning and business services to a wide range of staffing agencies.

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Accounting For Staffing Agencies

Your database is gold to the recruiters and companies you serve. Your proprietary processes save your clients time, money, and stress in ways your competitors cannot. Our accountants are well versed with the intricacies of staffing and will handle your:

  • Cash flow
  • Documentation
  • Invoicing 
  • Tax obligations 

That are specific to the staffing industry. Transferring staffing agency accounting tasks off your plate frees you to tackle tough challenges no one else in your company can navigate.

Staffing Company Accounting Software

Software integration is one of the trickiest aspects of building a scalable, sustainable staffing business. The software you choose must flawlessly automate and track routine tasks over time. Your software also needs to seamlessly integrate with your bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting, especially at tax time.

Our team of seasoned staffing industry accountants can assist with finding the optimal software for your needs. We can also support you through the process of data migration, onboarding, customization, staff training, and other transition essentials.

software integration staffing firm

Some of the platforms we specialize in

staffing firm CFO Advisory

Staffing Firm Business Plan

Our business advisory will help grow your business. We will use metrics to track the efficacy of your business’ growth. Quality metrics are another hugely important part of tracking KPIs for staffing agencies. 

Our experienced CFOs can help you monitor key staffing industry metrics while minimizing overhead, maximizing profitability, and identifying emerging opportunities for growth.

We will develop, initiate and follow through with the creation of a business model specific to your business in the staffing industry. We will then monitor and oversee its progress to ensure business growth occurs through our business advisory. 

Staffing Firm Comprehensive Services:

Optimize Your Staffing Agency Across The Board

Our goal is to be partners who help you grow revenue

Explore Staffing Industry Areas We Serve:

Eliminate frustrations with financial experts you can depend on

“I was very stressed about finding a CPA who understood what I do. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Fusion. Trevor and his team made themselves available to answer my many, many questions long before I signed up to be a client. They were friendly, personable and put my anxieties at ease..” – Nicole C.


We know that each company is unique and we want to get to know you!

This could be the year that you don’t just meet your business goals – you exceed them. Consider the goals you haven’t allowed yourself to even contemplate. What could you achieve if you had one hundred percent of your time to work on company growth?

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