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As a staffing agency, you need to be able to focus on providing quality service to your clients and building your business. Fusion CPA is committed to assisting professional organizations in navigating the complexities of efficient and profitable management. We provide strategic financial planning and business services to a wide range of staffing agencies.

Our professional services expertise helps agencies find solutions to their business challenges. You stay focused on your clients while we focus on your financial needs to meet your business goals.

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At Fusion CPA, we are passionate about growing businesses. Our firm has been growing for the last ten years. We’re not about quick fixes, but sustainable growth that will serve your company for years to come.

We love using metrics to track the efficiency of the businesses we guide. More efficient operations mean faster onboarding for new hires and more successful placements. Quality metrics are another hugely important part of tracking KPIs for staffing agencies. You have so many people depending on you, from recruiters to candidates to employees. But the quality you provide is only as good as the quality you receive from those you rely on in turn.

Finally, let’s talk about customer service. This is your most important metric and keeps your company growing strong.

Our experienced CFOs can help you monitor key staffing industry metrics while minimizing overhead, maximizing profitability, and identifying emerging opportunities for growth.

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Being the best means hiring the best to do specialized tasks for you. The same applies to outsourcing and automating your routine tax responsibilities.

Expert specialized tax planning makes sure your agency steers clear of common staffing firm tax and payroll pitfalls:

  • Are your employees and independent contractors classified properly?
  • Have you documented and responded to all legal notices in a timely fashion?
  • How about factoring in hidden hiring costs like Social Security, unemployment, Medicare, and workers’ compensation?
  • Is your current payroll scalable, and if not, what needs to change?
  • Are you filing payroll in the right location for where the work was performed?
  • Have you borrowed against payroll taxes, and, if so, has your staffing bookkeeping reflected this?

The right staffing agency accountants will implement methods to automate invoicing, payroll tax, and tax preparation. This, in turn, will free up your valuable time to keep on growing your staffing agency.

Implementing smart tax planning means putting systems in place that think ahead, so you don’t have to. For example, anticipatory tax preparation ensures your agency stays up-to-date on tax law changes at every level.

Our team spends all year researching tax law changes, so your business doesn’t miss a beat when tax time rolls around again. With our expert accounting and tax preparation services, you will shift from putting out fires to planting trees for new growth.

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As a staffing agency, you are not a generalist. Your database is gold to the recruiters and companies you serve. Your proprietary processes save your clients time, money, and stress in ways your competitors cannot. In the same way, your staffing agency accountants should know the staffing industry inside and out, just like you do.

Cash flow, documentation, and records-keeping invoicing, and other functions look different in the staffing industry. The requirements of each can also differ from state to state and even locally. It is a lot to keep up with – too much for a busy professional with other critical roles. This is where the right accounting firm will add value to every aspect of your business model, from higher customer satisfaction ratings to a faster fill rate. Transferring staffing agency accounting tasks off your plate frees you to tackle tough challenges no one else in your company can navigate.

For instance, if your top challenge is talent acquisition and submissions per hire, you need one hundred percent of your time and talent focused there. The only way to achieve this is to outsource your accounting function to a trusted partner specializing in staffing agency accounting. Our knowledgeable, experienced professionals can help you maximize cash flow behind the scenes.

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Software integration is one of the trickiest aspects of building a scalable, sustainable staffing business. The software you choose must flawlessly automate and track routine tasks over time. Your software also needs to seamlessly integrate with your bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting, especially at tax time.

In other words, quality in = quality out. Trying to go through a trial-and-error process to find the right software yourself doesn’t come cheap. You can’t afford to choose the wrong program and lose all that time spent building up your data. Our team of seasoned staffing industry accountants can assist with finding the optimal software for your needs. We can also support you through the process of data migration, onboarding, customization, staff training, and other transition essentials.

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