How Outsourced Sales Development Representatives Can Benefit Your Company

Sales Development Representatives are responsible for converting prospective clients into loyal ones. Our expert team of SDRs can help increase your company sales and boost its growth.

Increasing the revenue and profit of your business can become limited if you’re only utilizing traditional marketing methods. Hitting your sales quotas won’t happen if you stay on this path. Fortunately, there’s a solid solution to this dilemma that can help with the growth of your bottom line. Utilizing a sales outsourcing company can help you discover new prospects without leaving a large dent in your budget.

Partnering with an experienced sales development representative can help increase the leads flowing through your sales pipeline, making it more efficient for you to generate new customers.

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” 

-Mark Hunter

What Does a Sales Development Representative Do?

Understanding how beneficial a sales outsourcing company can be to your business, can easily be assessed by answering the question: “what does a sales development representative do?”

Hiring a sales development representative (SDR) from an outsourced sales company plays an integral role in helping you understand the lead qualification process.

The SDR role involves finding individuals who can benefit from your products or services and adding them to the sales pipeline where they can be personally followed up with. Getting assistance from an SDR agency offers much more personal interaction and avoids the “spray and pray” method of sending semi-personalized template emails. Not surprisingly, the results of using an SDR sales tactic can provide better results.

Using an SDR Organization Can Help With Scalability

Keeping the experience positive for potential customers in your sales pipeline is vital if you want to have them purchase from you. Using the best outsourced sales teams to assist with the process can help ensure that the interaction between your business and each prospect stays positive. The outsourced SDR guide your company is getting help from typically works in collaboration with an account executive. An experienced SDR guide will use SDR best practices to personalize the conversation and provide value to each prospective customer.

What Is SDR and Why Is It Best To Outsource From an SDR Organization?

Forming an internal SDR sales team can get expensive quickly. As you’re probably aware, hiring a representative includes more than just paying a sales development representative salary. Besides the expense of a sales development representative salary, there are additional costs in the hiring process that can accumulate fast. Adding on a sales development representative commission to your business expense list will also increase the overall costs. Thus, to maintaining cost efficiency, it is advisable to make use of one of the best outsourced sales teams. Having a top SDR organization assist you allows your business to tap into high-quality sales development representative skills that help qualify the most leads possible.

What Are Sales Development Representative Responsibilities?

One of the best ways to understand sales development representative responsibilities is by knowing more about what a day in the life of a sales rep looks like, and the skills they offer. One of the first sales development representative responsibilities is to search specific sites, such as LinkedIn, and locate prospective customers who match with the products or services you sell. While there is no official sales development representative job description, the steps they perform involves following up with prospective customers via calls, voicemails and emails.

Following SDR Best Practices

Warm leads are usually started first and followed by cold calls in hopes of initially having as much success as possible. The sales development representative job description they follow also entails sending two or three email blasts per week to follow up with the best candidates. As you can see, the day in the life of a sales rep that’s provided by an outsourced SDR company can be highly beneficial in attracting new leads into your pipeline, especially with the personalized touch they provide. In addition, you won’t have to worry about paying a sales development representative commission as it will be covered by the SDR agency you’re outsourcing your rep from.

What Does a Sales Representative Do To Finalize Their SDR Role in the Process?

Understanding the answer to the question, “What does a sales representative do to finalize the SDR help they’re providing?”, is essential in knowing how they can be beneficial in the sales pipeline process. They continue to focus on prospects and research. A sales development representative isn’t focused on selling. Instead, they want to educate each eligible customer and show how their problems can be solved. After providing this critical SDR role, it’s the job of the executive to close the new customer. Now that you’re more familiar with the answer to “What is SDR?”, you will likely see why it can be highly advantageous to hire a talented rep from a top outsourced SDR company.

Are you looking for one of the best outsourced sales teams to assist with your sales pipeline and want to reach more prospective customers? Receiving first-class assistance with this endeavour can be completed more efficiently and easily with our help.

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Receive rewarding benefits of reduced costs, expenses, and time spent in-office while effectively increasing your brand’s online presence and overall sales.

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