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We understand how marketing companies operate and how they have to plan for new, unexpected challenges to be successful. Because we work with professional service firms and are a professional service firm ourselves, we can draw on our considerable experience and resources to assist in the establishment of new firms and help advertising and marketing agency clients operate more efficiently and profitably. From accounting and tax services to business and strategic planning, we address the unique intricacies of your firm.

Whether you are a small firm or an established company, we apply our experience and resources to help you identify opportunities to achieve your goals, provide operational efficiency through effective workflows and processes, and increase profits for your company.

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“Most CPAs only put the numbers in the forms. What I love about these guys is they really understand my business. They work with our team so we understand our financial picture at all times and help us run our business. They are entrepreneurs and they understand entrepreneurs. They take care of my multi-company corp bookkeeping, corp/personal tax prep and strategic growth planning.”

- Thor C, Yelp reviewer

Management Software for Marketing Companies:

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How Fusion CPA Assists Marketing Agencies:

"Outsourced Accounting for Marketing Firms" by Trevor McCandless is Available on Amazon

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