Our field service financial assistance is designed to minimize risk and leverage profits

Fusion CPA specializes in Field Service firm accounting, tax planning, software integration and CFO business advisory. Our field service accounting assistance is designed to provide you with operational insight and detail-oriented service you can trust to minimize your risk and leverage profits.

Through products like tax planning and field service scorecards, our team can identify areas of risk, measure progress, and predict trends that will help you make data-driven decisions. This will not only provide you with the information you need to conduct day-to-day operations; it helps determine your long-term financial and business expansion strategies.

We strive to provide services that combine industry expertise with the most current accounting technology. That gives you the benefit of receiving timely, accurate information through a customized network of integrated accounting and financial reporting platforms.

What do we offer your field service business?


Our accounting services are meant to address the specific needs of field services providers. Whether you own a startup that needs help setting up an accounting system or an established company with many moving parts, we have a finance and accounting solution to suit you.

Through a range of applications and platforms, we can help you track customer preferences, manage inventory, and generate payroll. We offer full-charge accounting services and ala carte applications like bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. We’ll even help gauge your performance through products like field service scorecards that track and measure performance KPIs.

What we offer goes beyond inputting numbers and generating reports. When you partner with an accountant from our team, you’ll benefit from personalized accounting solutions that are tailored toward your business vision and goals.

Tax Planning

Point of sale (POS) accounting services are designed for the needs of 21st-century business owners. You may have multiple locations, deal with a range of vendors and supply chains, or work with various subcontractors.

Our accountants take all of this into consideration when determining how we’ll manage your field service taxes. The primary goal is to limit your liabilities and provide accurate, timely filing services. This reduces worries about tax penalties and audits.

Because our services are mainly performed in the virtual world, we have clients all over the country. Our team of accounting professionals go above and beyond to keep track of the patchworks of laws and regulations by industry and state. That provides you with specific information based on your location and business model.


Allocate resources more intelligently, estimate profit and loss, and reduce overall risk

Business Solutions

Having an accountant with industry experience on your side means gaining insight into financial matters relevant to your company. No matter your enterprise’s size or complexity, we have an automated solution and an accounting professional to match.

We offer a vast array of experience with everything from routine expense/revenue reporting to implementing measurable KPIs and field service scorecards to track employee activity and expenses. This provides you and your financial consultant with a snapshot of your business and a paper trail for every activity.

Our higher degree of efficiency and superior tracking capabilities are backed by reliable technology from top developers at Accounting Seed, Quickbooks, Netsuite – to name a few. The goal is to provide essential details by project, employee, department, or any other metric in real-time. This is especially important for companies that rely on fieldwork and mobile workforces.

Every platform we deploy integrates with your primary applications to automate the flow of data from system to system without triggering unnecessary downtime or avoidable errors. That will allow you to obtain data from key areas of your business to make informed, data-focused decisions based on the best available information.

In addition to accounting, reporting, and oversight, we can provide you with consultations geared toward moving your business forward. With this information at our fingertips, we’ll help guide your business toward a higher degree of profitability and minimize your liabilities across the board.

Ready to get started? Contact Fusion CPA to talk to an accounting professional about your financial services requirements today. We offer an experienced team of tax and accounting experts for various industries.

Software Integration

When it comes to accounting, there is no one-size solution. That’s why we strive to acquire the most current accounting applications and platforms for business financial management.

The bigger your company, the more complex your requirements can be. Each of our accounting platforms is highly intuitive and compatible in order to provide seamless integration and accurate reporting.

Your account manager will carefully evaluate your accounting requirements and choose the right platform for the job. This will provide you with the benefit of industry-specific account creation and oversight in addition to fast, accurate inventory management, job-costing analysis, and invoicing.

As all of our platforms are integrated, you’ll have a clear overview of your enterprise and each component of your business ecosystem. This provides you with the latest data and offers you a greater security level while saving time and money.

Data from categories like field service taxes comes straight from your company, where it is input and updated across all relevant platforms. As soon as you generate an invoice, pay a bill, or calculate employee pay, our automation ensures that all of your accounts are accurate and up to date.

When tax time rolls around, we’ll have all of your filing information and financial records compiled and ready to submit.


Field Service Companies We Serve

No more missed deadlines or missing information and reduced risk of penalties or triggering an audit

“Trevor and Fusion CPA has been awesome to work with. I own an LLC. Not only were they able to advise and guide me through my questions, but they also set me up for success for the previous and forthcoming tax seasons. You won’t get the big, corporate firm mentality from these guys. They genuinely care about each of their clients and uphold them as personal relationships versus a paycheck” – Eric K

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