Merge or Sell Your Accounting Firm

Ready to let go of the vine?

Managing a CPA firm is hard work! Maybe you are imagining your future with shorter workdays and more time with your family. Merging with another accounting firm can be the break you've been looking for. We're looking for accounting partners who want to let go of the vine.

We have guided many companies through solutions when they are ready to restructure their firm in the most practical - and most profitable - way.

Making the decision to sell or merge your accounting firm is not to be taken lightly, but with smart work it can be the best decision for you and your company.

Our Proven 3-Phase Process

To Merge or Sell an Accounting Firm

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Step 1


The first step is Evaluation. We begin by examining your accounting practice and your needs. Would an accounting partnership be beneficial? Or do you want to merge? Is now the right time to sell? Maybe you need to strengthen some key processes to get the best price either way. Our team can help you uncover your organization's strengths and identify the ideal timeline for you and your organization.


The second phase is the Valuation phase. Our goal is to maximize your value, so we utilize streamlined pricing and payment structures to help us create a win-win scenario for all involved parties. We will help you finalize the appropriate pricing based on your firm's specialties if you choose to merge or sell. We discuss feasible client retention rates.

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Step 2

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Step 3


The third phase is the Integration phase. As soon as there is an agreement in place, our team will navigate and coordinate any necessary transition. We will provide clarity to ensure a seamless sale or merger.

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We are most successful with organizations that are passionate about the lives and success of their employees and clients.

We are looking to partner with accounting firms that also

Atlanta Merger - Acquisition Accounting Firm - Tech Saavy Organizations

Love to leverage technology

Atlanta Merger - Acquisition Accounting Firm - Transparent Organizations

Embrace complete transparency

Atlanta Merger - Acquisition Accounting Firm - Accountable Organizations

Support an environment of accountability

Atlanta Merger - Acquisition Accounting Firm - Passionate Organizations

Are passionate about accounting and tax

We are looking to merge with or buy accounting firms in the USA

We are based in Atlanta and we're well-adjusted to remote work



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New York

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South Carolina



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New Jersey

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