Everyone knows the date — April 15. The day we make sure we’ve done our duty as citizens and paid our taxes to the US Government. Well, as Atlanta tax professionals, we are fully versed in all tax laws when it comes to tax time. We will put our experience to work for you, keeping.everything.connected in all aspects of your business.


We understand your business is complex. There are many things to consider – how to operate on a daily basis, how to manage personnel & payroll, when to invoice for products delivered, how to stay compliant, and more… Our Atlanta bookkeeping services enable small to midsized businesses and entrepreneurs to streamline operations, saving both money and time… giving you more time to do what you do best – tell the world about your company.

IRS Representation

Not many business owners get excited about tax time. Writing checks to the government is never fun, but we can help make less painful. We work with companies and entrepreneurs who seek advice and guidance in dealing with IRS inquiries, violations, penalties, and audits.

Taxes are necessary part of the business picture. We keep.everything.connected for you and your business. There are no loose ends, no unknowns.

Industry Expertise

We assist your company in understanding cash flow analysis and just in time inventory.

– Internet Sales
– Retail Sales
– Law Firms
– Dental Practices
– Manufacturers
– Home Builders
– Restaurants
– Rental stores

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If there were a designation for "Master Accountant", I would have Trevor write it every time he signed his name. He has helped me with my taxes since 2008. When we first met I was absolutely distraught about my tax liability, but his understanding of business tax and reliable recording provided me with a sense of control of which I had lost site. If you have not used Trevor through any of his business ventures, you are really missing out. He is a treasure chest of business ideas and resources. I look forward to our future business together.