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How Zola Suite Makes Law Firms More Efficient

Zola Suite offers strategic and automated billing, accounting, and reporting for law offices. Our team of accountants here at Fusion CPA in Atlanta routinely recommends Zola Suite for law firms seeking upgraded bookkeeping and accounting software. We’re excited to show you how this platform streamlines tax planning and bookkeeping when you take advantage of our CFO business advisory services.

Zola Suite’s automated, sophisticated features for timekeeping and billing revolutionize the way law firms handle billable hours. We’ll show you how to access customization features that utilize more than 10 different ways to create time entries. Your iOS or Android device can be used to track and record billable time. Sessions can be tracked when you move between your desktop and mobile device.

Zola’s customization features extend to invoice creation. The platform also allows you to issue checks, create journal entries, automate batch invoicing and make batch payments. Zola even allows you to download bank and credit card activity from more than 5,000 institutions.

Elegant Reporting Features

Our team of accountants that specialize in Zola Suite integrations finds the reporting features to be particularly elegant. Zola creates financial, compensation, productivity and WIP statements for insight building and long-term planning. Compensation reports are broken down by referral, originating attorney, split compensation and fee allocation. Features like billable-hours recaps and productivity reports provide actionable accounting insights as you move through cases.

You’re also getting full-cycle retainer and trust management built right into your portal. Zola streamlines payments by providing a secure, fully-branded payment portal for your law firm. Clients pay with confidence with zero lag time! Zola Suite helps with tax planning through generated client reports detailing sales tax amounts collected. The program also shines because of its elegant matter and task management.

Are you already using QuickBooks Online (QBO) as your primary accounting system? You can keep using QuickBooks to manage your billing when switching to Zola for its other features. Zola allows you to generate bills for time and expenses that can be shared to QuickBooks. The Fusion CPA team can show you how to link your QuickBooks Online account for seamless Zola Suite integrations. All new invoices will be shared once you activate the sync between the two programs.

The Fusion CPA team in Atlanta will show you how Zola Suite increases profitability and productivity if you’re looking for better accounting software. We’ll put our expertise to work for your law firm!

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