Atlanta Criminal Law Firm Accountants

ZolaSuite: Criminal Law Firm Accounting Software

When you're a busy lawyer, you need a criminal law firm bookkeeping system that keeps your office organized and efficient. Zola Suite is a criminal law firm accounting and case management platform that's created especially for legal practices just like yours. It includes features that make billing and tracking almost effortless, and you can view all the different aspects of your business quickly and easily.

Criminal Law Firm Bookkeeping

Zola Suite offers to take your practice from prospect to client to profit within a single interface that manages everything from outreach to billing. This technology makes our criminal law CFO advisory services more accurate and timely. So, how does Zola Suite work?

Multiple Actions, One System

With Zola Suite, our criminal law firm financial advisers can check the state of your firm's financial health with a mouse click. Their robust, case-centric tools manage emails and documents through the latest automation protocols, and their task management tools allow you to delegate more efficiently no matter how complex the case.

Intake and Outreach

You run a modern law firm, and you need a tech-savvy criminal law firm CPA who can help it remain lean and efficient without sacrificing that personal touch that makes you a successful criminal lawyer.

With the automation that's built into Zola Suite, you're working with a dynamic CRM that makes audience segmentation effortless. It can take leads right from your website's contact forms and plug them into the system. From there, it is possible to track which client outreach mechanisms are most effective and onboard new clients with just a few clicks.

With Zola Suite it is possible to know exactly where your clients originate, and the platform can integrate all of your intake forms and retainers using Zola Suite reporting tools.

Tracking and Billing

Here at Fusion CPA, our accountants use Zola Suite because we love the built-in financial tools. This platform allows you to create automated time entries and generate invoices that are customized on a case-by-case basis. The matter dashboard manages every detail, meaning greater accuracy. That means no more overlooked data or digging through piles of documents.

This platform automatically associates the correct matter with relevant files and converts emails to tasks. Zola will even allow you to generate time entries as you draft messages, which means accurate time tracking and billing.

  • You'll also have the ability to:
  • Assign tasks to specific associates and set deadlines
  • Open and save documents and files directly to your zDrive™
  • Create templates for repetitive tasks
  • Automatically send notifications when deadlines are drawing near
  • Use advanced features to tag, comment, and organize every aspect of each case and file
  • Criminal Law Firm Tax Planning: Risk Mitigation and Profit

Customized criminal law firm tax planning is essential for minimizing risk and maximizing profit. Our criminal law firm CFO advisory team is ready to provide you with detailed analysis based on real-time reporting. With this information at our fingertips, we're able to spot trends and identify areas of risk in time to steer your firm in a more profitable direction.

When tax time rolls around, all of your financial reporting requirements are filled and ready to file.

At Fusion CPA, we strive to offer legal practices personal attention and the latest accounting technology. Zola Suite provides that through one platform, one login, and one bill — and our knowledgable financial advisors are readying to help answer all your questions. If you're in the market for criminal law firm CFO advisory services, you'll find that and so much more at our office. We offer full-range financial management services, including tax planning, CFO business advisory, bookkeeping, and accounting. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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