In the fast-paced, highly competitive world of the entertainment industry it is crucial to maintain hi-tech resources to expedite business transactions. Xero tax integration helps speed up the tax filing plus daily and weekly financial data processing tasks.

There are several branches an entertainment company may contain within the corporate structure. These may include, film, TV, video and TV commercials, and theater productions.

It's easy to see how complex it can be to try to manage daily business transactions between performers, actors, their agents, casting, production crews, publicity, and adequate administrative staffing to manage the daily onslaught of active and interactive business.

Implementing hi-tech resources is key to staying competitive and to see continued business growth and success. It is also a significant factor in ranking in the entertainment industry.

With the ability to rely on cloud computing and blockchain technology, entertainment companies enjoy hi-tech resources with numerous benefits to their daily processing and transacting of business.

Cloud computing offers on-demand availability for all your entertainment company computer system resources, software applications, and data storage.

Entertainment companies are discovering the valuable benefits of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is comprised of a shared, immutable ledger that allows the recording of transactions as well as tracking of assets. Blockchain technology also builds trust through advanced data security.

Although cloud computing and Blockchain technology may be similar in that they are both distributive systems, the major difference is that data distributed in cloud computing is stored on one business's centralized set of data centers. With blockchain, data is stored across a grouping of servers.

In terms of cloud data security, an entertainment company's data in cloud computing is managed by an outsourced data center. Hence, the term "cloud." In reality, there are three clouds in cloud computing:

  • A hybrid cloud
  • A public cloud
  • A private cloud

If there is one business area where no entertainment company wants to risk a security breach, it is their financial and tax records. With Xero tax integration in your outsourced accounting processing, your entertainment business financials and taxes are secured. The cloud functionality means all information is readily available for review by your CPA and whoever else you may choose to have access.

It is important to use the latest, most efficient cloud accounting software to stay ahead of the competition.

To maintain a state of the art accounting system for entertainment companies, today's most innovative, comprehensive accounting software is Xero. Xero software automates daily entertainment companies' tasks while it provides up-to-date financial reporting.

Due to the complex nature and staggering number of employees an entertainment company may have, it is incumbent upon entertainment entrepreneurs to know the type of tax accounting software your CPA relies on for accurate business records.

Fusion CPA partners with Xero tax and finance software to provide clients with the best business and tax advice.

The benefit of using Xero is that entertainment companies' financial and tax records are safe and secure.

Few businesses today are willing to risk processing their taxes without professional advice from a licensed CPA firm. Fusion CPA's tax experts know how important it is to stay current with ever-changing federal and state taxes.

Given the complexities that are part of the entertainment business, having a financial expert to manage daily accounting tasks and tax data is far more cost-effective than hiring an in house accounting team.

Also, there is the savings on the cost of a centralized data system for cloud computing that is part of the normal daily business operations of Fusion CPA's hi-tech resources.

For entertainment companies, tax reporting and processing of data can also include domestic as well as international taxes. Accurate tax records avoid government audits.

Xero tax software further advances the accuracy of entertainment companies' tax filings and data affected by changes in tax regulations and tax compliance.

If the complex world of taxes is costing your entertainment company in time and lost revenue, consider discussing your specific business needs with a Fusion CPA tax expert.

Fusion CPA tax experts are highly trained and fully knowledgeable in all phases of taxation for a broad range of businesses.

Fusion CPA tax experts understand the need for timely filing of taxes as well as the ability for entertainment companies to have ready access to their tax data.

Discover the ways Fusion CPA can refine your tax data and filing with Xero. Discuss your tax advisory needs with a Fusion CPA today by making a discovery call.


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