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Workbook: Quickbooks Online Integration Project Management Accounting

The Software-as-a-Service Workbook (SaaS) Project Management Platform Software helps organize data, so that users can manage, analyze and report various financial details. Users have found that the system is fast and provides users with the ability to balance accounts payables and accounts receivables in no time flat.

Integrated Financial Management System

You are able to choose from a Web-based version of WorkBook or mobile phone apps (iPhone or Android). This capability makes it much easier for when our accountants need to look up client financial information while they were on the move. This WorkBook Software was made for mid- to large-sized businesses. Marketing firms are big fans of WorkBook. It has a powerful list of features, including but not limited to the following: Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, Billing, Invoicing, Data Import/Export, Data Synchronization, Data Visualization, Expense Claims, Financial Management, Gantt Charts, Invoice Management, Purchase Order Management, Receipt Management, Reporting and Sales Tracking. The color coding made it easier for our Atlanta CPAs to track certain types of financial data. We were familiar with the drag & drop interface which allows users to change data quickly. The flexibility, ease-of-use and customizability of the WorkBook Project Management Platform are key advantages.

Modular Productivity Tool

The variety of features allows users to replace multiple software systems. Our elite marketing CPAs can track cash flow from sales forecasting to final payment. This allowed our clients to put their entire business under the microscope. This was particularly useful when trying to identify why your business is currently not profitable. Startups can gain more complete control over their expenditures before the next capital seeding phase. There are 13 modules for Financial & Accounting Management, including AR Due Payment Reminder, AP Payment Proposal and Report Writer Module. This allows you to get detailed information quickly, so our seasoned accountants can solve client problems. Your CPA will be able to perform the following actions with the accounts payable and accounts receivable functionality: automatically post costs, integrate banking information and schedule billing. The system had TAX/VAT laws pre-programmed. This helps our tax specialists fill out tax forms. The system also features Work-in-progress (WIP) figures for real-time operational cost calculation, and precise short-term or long-term cash flow forecasts.

Numerous Reports

Sometimes, our clients want very specific types of reports searching for certain trends. With 300 reports, the Workbook Project Management Platform Software has given our Atlanta CPAs plenty of options. We can customize these reports or create new reports using the Report Writer which makes it very easy to explain which projects were profitable to our clients. This helped them make the important decisions to optimize their return on investment (ROI).

SAP Integration

There is a direct Quickbooks Online integration for the WorkBook Project Management Planning Software, where you can share information like customers, invoices, and sales receipts. WorkBook does integrate with Dropbox, MS Outlook, SAP and Google Drive though. You can import and export financial data through those platforms. The software supports the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

Workbook’s most attractive attributes are the combination of sales and accounting figures in one system. This affordable, modular system is also scalable, and features can be added as a business grows. The Workbook software gives service industry entrepreneurs more control over their budgets due to powerful Workbook Project Management Platform financial data transparency, business tools and reporting features.


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