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Vend: E-commerce Quickbooks Integration Accounting

Technology has radically changed the way you're able to operate your brick-and-mortar retail or eCommerce business. Point-of-sale software solutions such as Vend can assist you by sending out orders to suppliers, tracking current inventory, breaking down your taxes that are collected from sales or categorizing tax-exempt revenue. When you utilize this application, you also have access to a reporting section, which allows you to determine the products selling best or see what's left in your inventory from last year.

Formulating A Small Business Tax Planning Strategy

While it's important to focus on the operations of your company, you'll also need to have an e-commerce business tax planning strategy put in place to avoid any challenges in the future. By utilizing our team of eCommerce CPAs, you'll have an e-commerce tax expert by your side who can develop an estimate of your taxes based on the sales generated from your online store. Each small business accountant from Fusion CPA is proficient in current tax laws related to retail and e-commerce and will always do their best to see that you pay as little as possible when taxes are due.

Vend and Quickbooks Online Accounting Integration

Another aspect of Vend that makes running your small e-commerce business even easier is its QBO accounting integration. This allows our seasoned team of eCommerce accountants to provide you with accurate bookkeeping. You'll always know the current health of your business and where your sales stand as Vend allows you to import purchase orders with a CSV file and quickly send orders to suppliers. Our e-commerce CPAs can take a comprehensive view of your numbers and provide you with a current account of your financials. You'll know what you've spent for inventory, what's left in stock and your current cash flow.

Assisting With Your eCommerce Accounting Needs

When you work with our team of eCommerce accountants to assist you in streamlining your financial bookkeeping, it will help safeguard against having inaccurate accounting, which could lead to making incorrect business decisions. The QBO integration offered with software such as Vend and the experience of our CPAs allows us to provide you with accurate sales tax management and knowing when to attribute revenue to different tax codes or making sure your tax-exempt revenue is being recorded correctly. If you are an e-commerce business owner who is interested in spending more time fine-tuning your operations and ramping up your business, you'll appreciate the financial insight into details that Fusion CPA can offer.

Utilize An Unbiased Analysis Of Your Small Business Financials

The growth of your business depends on making the right moves with your e-commerce business financials. Another advantage of working Fusion CPA’s team of e-commerce CPAs is the business advisory service we offer. By utilizing QBO integration with Vend and analyzing your company's financial situation, we can provide you with a detailed summary, which focuses on showing you areas of strength where you can expand growth and areas of weakness where improvements need to be made. Our e-commerce CFO advisors are also able to help with project consulting and contract negotiation.


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