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Understanding Accounting & Tax Planning For Vertical SaaS Companies

Regardless of the industry that you are in, there is a SaaS solution that can meet your needs. Traditionally, SaaS solutions have been horizontal in that they are designed to address the needs of a particular department, such as accounting, marketing, or sales. Horizontal SaaS strives to be all things to all people. Conversely, vertical SaaS takes a more narrow approach by focusing on particular industries and building clear industry niches.

Benefits Offered by Vertical SaaS Solutions

Vertical software is customized to fit the needs of individual companies based on expert knowledge of what is needed in a particular industry. The vertical SaaS company tax planning solutions for a healthcare company would focus on the multiple ways hospitals can be reimbursed, namely payment by insurers, direct payment from patients, reimbursement from government programs, etc. It would include unique vertical Saas company bookkeeping tools a vertical SaaS company accountant would need. It would likely integrate with various EHRs and would be HIPPA compliant.

Conversely, a vertical SaaS company tax planning solution for restaurants and bars may focus on compensation of employees, food inventory, and unique deductions, like providing employee meals. A vertical SaaS company bookkeeping solution for restaurants would allow for detailed expense records since managing a restaurant or bar has more expenses than other types of self-employment.

Vertical SaaS can be as unique as the industries and companies it serves. At Fusion CPA our vertical SaaS company accountants offer to partner with you to help identify the unique tax planning and bookkeeping needs for your industry.

Vertical SaaS Companies Offer Expert Knowledge to Their Clients

Vertical SaaS companies must be experts in the industries they work in because their clients rely on their expertise. This is especially true in industries like cannabis production and distribution, healthcare, motor vehicle manufacturing, and pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing that are heavily regulated and monitored.

Vertical SaaS companies will offer compliance support and tools for heavily regulated industries. When working with international corporations, vertical SaaS companies need to know the laws and working standards of the different countries that their clients operate in.

This tailored approach typically allows clients to purchase software that fits their needs more efficiently. Understandably, vertical SaaS is having a huge impact on B2B businesses. Alarge number of vertical SaaS companies are thriving because specializing in a particular industry gives them insight into problems that horizontal SaaS companies overlook in their quest to be all things to all people.

The Benefits of Depreciating New Assets Placed into Service This Year

If you are thinking about launching a vertical SaaS company this year, you may want to speak to a CPA about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Increased Bonus Depreciation. The purpose of this incentive was to encourage businesses, especially those in the field of technology, to invest in their business by purchasing new assets.

This increased bonus depreciation usually makes it possible for a business to completely depreciate property put into service in their federal tax return. Your vertical SaaS company CPA should investigate whether your state is following state or federal laws as it pertains to this bonus. Some states have disallowed and decoupled this bonus depreciation.

Get Practical Advice from a Vertical SaaS Company Financial Adviser

Vertical SaaS solutions generally come to market if there are strategic business practices and financial decisions that lead to success. Fusion CPA offers vertical SaaS company CFO business advisory designed to advise and serve vertical SaaS companies, no matter if they are emerging or established.

Fusion CPA offers a tech tailored approach to minimize the tax burden and compliance for vertical SaaS companies. We want you to attain competitive growth in national and international marketplaces. To this end, we create federal and multi-state tax strategies focused on minimizing your tax liability while guaranteeing compliance.

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