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TrialWorks Case Management System: Law Firm Bookkeeping

Keeping in touch with the latest case management technologies should be one of your priorities as a law firm owner. You should also consider its accounting and management features to reduce your stress when handling your business. Unknown to many law firm owners, the way you manage your cases significantly affects your reputation among your clients. Clients take into consideration how well you organize and keep track of their case files and schedules.

TrialWorks is considered as one of the best case management systems in the industry. Thousands of law firms trust TrialWorks thanks to its dozens of features that help law firms manage case intakes, business contacts, and case files.

Your law firm accountant can also depend on TrialWorks’ reliable accounting features. That is why Trialworks’ developers continue to perfect the software to provide clients the best features available. If you need help managing your law firm, TrialWorks has got your back.

TrialWorks’ Reliable Expense Tracking Feature

Your law firm is a very labor-intensive business. Most of your expenses are rooted in paying your employees and vendors that gather vital information for you. TrialWorks provides a great expense tracking feature that allows you to record every cost you have for each case you handle.

Under TrialWorks’ Cost tab, you can input information like the date the cost was incurred, the payee, their contact number, and a description of the cost. You can also assign your expenses to their respective Task Codes to help you organize them as you see fit. The Cost tab also dedicates a column where you can input your check numbers for expenses that your law firm paid with checks.

Our experienced team of law firm bookkeepers can help you keep records and organize your costs to help you budget your finances. We can also generate cash flow, and profit & loss reports to give you a clearer vision of the overall standing of your law firm.

Detailed Time Tracking For Better Billing

Most law firms offer one of two types of billing methods; namely, progress billing and hourly billing. With progress billing, you bill your clients for every task you have finished as of date. On the other hand, with hourly billing, you charge your clients for every hour you spend performing the service they hired you for.

TrialWorks offers an easy to use Time tracker to help you and your employees time their customer services. With this feature, you can choose which case you are currently working on. In case multiple employees are registered in your TrialWorks account, you also have the option to switch between users to have a clear record of how much time can be attributed to each of your employees.

Law Firm Accounting With TrialWorks’ QuickBooks Integration

TrialWorks is among the top case management software in the world. With that said, it is undeniable that it still comes short with some of its accounting features. Nevertheless, TrialWorks acknowledges this problem by offering users like you an easy way to integrate the platform with QuickBooks.

For the integration to succeed, there are some prerequisites that you need to accomplish first. Firstly, your QuickBooks platform should be a 2012 or later version. Your TrialWorks, on the other hand, should be updated to at least 10.7 version. After checking these two, download the latest TrialWorks’ QB integrator. The integrator is often already included with the platform.

To integrate Quickbooks and TrialWorks, first, run the QBTrialWorksSetup.msi file. If you downloaded a zipped version of the file, unzip it and proceed running it. From then on, you could simply click next until you are prompted to start installing. After installation, you will then have to set up both software to make sure that there is a smooth passing of data between them.

This setup can sometimes be confusing for many law firm owners. Luckily, our knowledgeable team of law firm accountants can help you with this task to make sure that you have a seamless integration between your TrialWorks and QuickBooks account. We also offer other services such as law firm tax planning and law firm financial advisory for growing and established law firms like yours. Contact us now to learn more!


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