Inventory management software for manufacturing companies that fully integrates with QuickBooks can solve multiple project challenges at once. For example, it's often a supreme task to deal with ordinary manufacturing company accounting functions that simultaneously keep track of manufacturing progress, warehouse challenges, and asset tracking. Add to that workload the entire realm of manufacturing company bookkeeping duties, and it's easy to see how a full-scale software package can make life easier.

Whether your company is small, mid-size, or large, Fishbowl seamlessly resolves automation and inventory dilemmas, completely integrates with QuickBooks and is easy to install. Not only can the software perform complex inventory order-point calculations, but it works as a central part of your company's manufacturing department.

Core Features Of Fishbowl

For manufacturing companies that seek comprehensive business automation and inventory management platform, Fishbowl gets the job done. Its key abilities include accounting for manufacturing operations, total inventory control, planning for material requirements, and more.

Fishbowl offers dozens of relevant solutions to manufacturing concerns, especially in the areas of asset tracking, core production functions, and warehouse solutions. Here is a brief look at the specific capabilities of Fishbowl in each of the three major categories:

  • Asset Tracking: You can track every metric in your program, keep tabs on packing, follow shipping progress from step to step, and monitor assets in real-time

  • Production: Streamline the whole manufacturing system from start to finish, generate accurate work orders, optimize inventory levels

  • Warehouse Solutions: Set specific re-order points for any material or component, receive timely inventory reports, minimize errors related to data-entry and expense records

Manufacturing companies are particularly well-suited to reap the benefits of Fishbowl software. It's essential, however, to implement the program in the right way and to customize it so its capabilities are adapted to your way of doing business.

What Are The Key Benefits Of The Software?

How can your manufacturing company get the full benefit of Fishbowl? Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of the software's power:

  • Fully integrate with QuickBooks

  • Set ideal order points for every product to avoid empty shelves

  • Correctly figure all pertinent inventory levels

  • Track any item by lot numbers or any method you wish to use

  • Scan bar codes and use cycle counting to eliminate most data errors

  • Track every asset based on its movement within your system

  • Create detailed, accurate work orders

  • Back up all documents with hard-copy print outs and stored digital copies

How To Get Started

Manufacturing companies often need help with installation, training, and integration of software solutions like Fishbowl. The Fusion CPA professionals have plenty of experience with challenges like these. We've helped many large and small manufacturing entities with full implementation of Fishbowl software and remain available whenever our clients have questions down the road about specific features of the Fishbowl inventory management software package.

Additionally, our firm offers a complete range of manufacturing company CFO advisory services, tax planning, manufacturing company CPA services, and much more. Our manufacturing company financial advisers on staff know all the nuances of the industry and are always willing to assist you with software, manufacturing company tax planning, bookkeeping, and in any areas where you need professional guidance. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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