Thinkific Plus is an online course company software designed to give you the features and freedom you need to make online teaching a reality. You have the freedom to decide about pricing, promoting, and publishing for your educational business. You have the tools to create a phenomenal learning experience for your audience.

E-Learning Is an Industry That Is Constantly Growing

E-learning has opened up a new world of entrepreneurship for educators. Forbes magazine predicts that the e-learning industry will be valued at $325 billion by 2025.

Besides being a talented instructor, the software you choose to use for your online company will impact what your students get out of your course. Luckily, Thinkific Plus is A Learning Management System that is comprehensive and has the functionality that an online course business accountant can easily use to manage your books and gives you control over how the educational material you create is distributed.

An E-Commerce Platform for Learning

Thinkific Plus has done for education what e-commerce did for the retail market. Some of its features include:

Drag and drop course editor: This sets Thinkific Plus apart from the competition. You need not understand coding to create your teaching environment. With a click or a drag of the mouse, you can add, rearrange, and delete sections of your course pages.

Site builder: Thinkific Plus allows you to set up domains and websites using third-party hosting platforms. Or you can integrate your course on Thinkific Plus' existing site. There are several pre-designed e-learning themes, so you don't have to worry about designing everything from scratch.

Multiple Course Payment Options: After discussing the revenue model that is right for you with your online courses company accountant, you can select a payment model that is right for you. You may choose to distribute your courses for free for a while to build up interest. A one-time payment or a subscription-based model may be ideal for your course type. Along with your online courses company CPA, you can choose a single pricing system or offer clients multiple payment systems.

Things to Remember When Doing Online Courses Company Tax Planning

At its heart, e-learning is an e-commerce business, so you may be liable for some of the same tax responsibilities that other e-commerce industries have.

Online courses company accounting includes knowing the sales tax for the 45 US states and Washington DC that have a sales tax. There are also special taxing districts that will impact the amount you charge your students for state tax.

When determining whether you needed to charge state taxes, your online courses company CPA will be looking for two things. They are:

  • · Whether your business has a sales tax nexus in the same states as your students.
  • · Whether e-learning products are taxable in that state.

From the standpoint of online courses company tax planning, a sales tax nexus means that you have a significant connection to the state where you are doing business. You will have a sales tax nexus in your home state. Most other states define a nexus as doing business in or engaging in business in their state.

Our team here at Fusion CPA works with e-learning entrepreneurs and helps them to better understand online courses company accounting. We can help with general accounting, we offer online courses company CFO advisory services, and we can help you plan for a successful financial future. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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