Approaching the end of the year means we're also approaching year-end planning. I made some lofty goals for the Fusion team that we'll discuss at our annual retreat in late November. The main goal? To give the team a chance to contribute both company and individual “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs).

Initially, I had made these goals on an annual trip to Lisbon, Portugal with my Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) forum. It was the perfect kick start to aiming high. After our trip, I was reminded of an experience that I have always been extremely grateful for. I was starting my first company as a budding entrepreneur, and a friend gave me a Tony Robbins disk set.

First impressions

The disk set was "Tony Robbins Personal Power: a 30 day program".

I loved it. Long story short, with his virtual guidance I grew that company to a point where I could leave a corporate 9 to 5 job and simultaneously hire another full time employee for my company.

Fast Forward to 2018

I love a challenge. I also love a good Tony Robbins refresher to help keep my eyes on the prize, and my feet on the ground. Hence, my wife and I decided to go to "Unleash the Power Within" (UPW).

The Takeaways

My annual trip with EO helped set the stage for my initial vision for 2019. UPW helped me formulate a daily ritual of balance between this bigger vision, its execution and the daily stresses that affect all entrepreneurs that strive for consistent and constant growth.

  • Our physiology and health are directly correlated to our daily energy levels.
  • Starting each day in a peak state of health is essential to our success.
  • Setting aside daily time to focus on gratitude, achievement and celebration, directly affects stress levels in a positive way.
  • Spend 30 minutes a day reading inspirational or biographical content from outstanding people.
  • Your strategic goals and financial goals are directly correlated. This isn't news to me, but it is too many. With creating a strategy must come a financial forecast and an associated financial budget. This MUST be reviewed at least monthly so you can foresee potential issues and opportunities.
  • Find a COACH to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE.

If it wasn't obvious enough, I highly recommend my main man Tony Robbins!!


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