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Teamwork: Marketing Firm Accounting

Marketing firm CPAs understand the importance of freeing up cash flow. Cash and its provided liquidity are what keeps your marketing firm’s operations moving efficiently. It also drives future growth for your business. To accomplish this goal, your marketing firm accountant should work to find ways to optimize your financial processes. Teamwork is a project-based bookkeeping software designed to help marketing firms manage your projects and accounting. It can help automate your processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and workflows. It frees up your schedule to let you focus on more important things.

Using Teamwork To Organize Accounting Projects

Business owners like you are always flooded with deadlines. Teamwork’s “Due Dates” feature can help you plan client projects as either a task or a task list. The program also allows you to set up project hierarchies. One example would look something like; Projects > Task Lists > Tasks. This feature is beneficial as it can be used to match the model used by your marketing firm bookkeeping system. Another example would be; Client> Type of Work> Task. Using actual data, our hierarchy would look like: ABC Marketing Firm> Payroll> Processing Biweekly Payroll.

Integrating Teamwork With QuickBooks Online

Teamwork allows you to export information directly from it to QuickBooks Online. It does this by providing a way to integrate the two programs. This integration offers many benefits, such as the ability to export invoices to the billing section of your Quickbooks account. To do this process, you need to:

  • Select an invoice that you want to export.

  • Click the “Export Invoice” link that appears on the lower left of the invoice.

  • Next, select QuickBooks Online from the options and then choose the export button.

  • A prompt will appear, asking you to connect to QuickBooks. Select the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.

  • If your computer is already logged into QuickBooks Online, you will be asked to authorize the account. Otherwise, you will be asked for your login credentials

  • Confirm that you want to link accounts and then click the “Connect” button.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks & Improve Communication With Teamwork

Teamwork helps address the repetitive and tedious nature of certain aspects of marketing firm bookkeeping with its “Recurring Task” feature. Having a recurring task means that the job only needs to be programmed once, and you’re set for the long run. Once the task is complete, a new task is generated for the next week, month, or year. You can set payroll to be done weekly or monthly, income taxes annually, and so on. The “Tags” feature further allows our marketing firm accountants to tag similar tasks to make task scheduling even easier.

Teamwork facilitates clear communication between all parties in your marketing firm and your clients. Communicating, responding to questions, and filing paperwork on time are major parts of what our marketing firm accountants do, and this software makes these duties a lot easier. Our team of marketing firm accountants, work with our clients to help them to see how products like Teamwork can improve their financial management. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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