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Tax Planning & Bookkeeping Advice For Professional Golfers

If you love golfing and have practiced enough to make it to the professional level, you're one of the few who get to enjoy fresh air, competition, and making money in a sport you enjoy. Keeping your golf game up to par traditionally requires dedication and hitting the links regularly. Maintaining your focus as a professional golfer is probably going to be easier if you let other experts handle the essential tasks you're required to complete, such as your entertainment industry bookkeeping. Having a professional athlete CPA play a key role in the recording and monitoring of your financial transactions may free up more of your time. They can also help provide a safety net so that you don't mistakenly overspend on travel or accommodations when you're heading to a professional golfing tournament.

Solid Processes for Your Bookkeeping Ledger

Having a process to handle your professional athlete bookkeeping should make it easier to complete and catch any errors that may occur. Recording and keeping track of the transactions for plane trips taken to different golfing tournaments should help you stay within your budget. Making sure you have been paid for a brand deal or placing high in a golfing tournament is important as well. When the figures in your professional athlete bookkeeping ledger are correct, it can make it quick and easy to determine where you're sitting financially for the year as a professional golfer. Focusing on your golf game should be your highest priority. While your bookkeeping is essential, you may want to consider outsourcing it to an accountant. A CPA may help focus on making sure your accounting tasks are completed correctly, which allows you to spend more time golfing.

Consider Streamlining Your Tax Planning Requirements

Completing your taxes as a golfer is likely a task you could do without. Outsourcing your professional athlete tax planning requirements to an experienced accountant may be just what you need to ensure efficiency and provide you with more time to practice golfing. Partnering with an accountant from here at Fusion CPA may be what you need to make your life as a professional golfer easier. Hiring a seasoned professional athlete accountant who understands tax regulations and rules may help save you even more money when your taxes are filed. They know the guidelines associated with the deduction of business travel or golfing equipment used for your job. Outsourcing this essential task should also provide you with peace of mind as you'll know your taxes are being completed by a tax expert who has your best interest in mind.

How to make Important Financial Decisions

When you become a professional golfer, you may want to seek the guidance of an entertainment industry financial adviser for several reasons. One major reason may be that as a golfer who has attained professional status, you may be offered brand deals by one or more companies. Having a financial adviser to consult with during negotiations may be highly advantageous in getting you the best terms possible. It should help make sure you're getting the best deal possible when negotiating with a brand that would like you to represent them. A CFO is also a valuable resource you can turn to when you want to understand your financial position and analyze income and expense reports. So, combing the CFO service with the assistance from an entertainment industry CPA should be highly beneficial in providing you with accurate bookkeeping and the lowest tax liabilities possible, and the best deal in your sponsorship. Here at Fusion CPA we understand the ins and outs of your profession and our accountants offer services in all these areas. Whether you need tax planning advice or increased efficiencies with your routine accounting and bookkeeping - we're always ready to help. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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