Take Control Of Your Field Service Accounting With Service Fusion

Service Fusion is the total package when it comes to field service firm management software. It makes the life of your firm easier as it allows smooth management and easy access to customer account information. You can also use the software to create personalized communication preferences, specify billing terms, and create public or encrypted notes.

Some key features of Service Fusion include:

  • The ability to create multiple customer contacts
  • Create multiple service locations
  • Store multiple credit cards on file
  • Itemize stored equipment, including images, documents, and other pertinent information
  • See all accounting history at a glance

Accurate Project Estimations

One of the biggest challenges your field service operations team can face is creating precise job estimates. Failing to estimate personnel and materials costs for your products and services accurately can affect your business's bottom line. Luckily, Service Fusion can help you out with this activity.

Service Fusion's Job Costing feature allows you to set the internal costs of each service you provide. After applying these settings, you will be shown the cost of every service that is included in the job you are creating. You will also be provided with profit margin rates right inside the "Create Job" screen to let you know how profitable the job should be.

Keep An Accurate Record Of Your Expenses

Service Fusion allows you to record the actual costs of every service you provide. When editing a job you have in Service Fusion, you will have access to an expense tab where you can record the expenses that you made for that specific job. In this tab, you will be able to record information such as date, vendor, amount, expense category, and more.

You can then view a report of your expenses under Service Fusion's Reports Tab. In this tab, a section is dedicated for you to see the dates, associated job numbers, customers, amount, and other information related to your expenses.

Working With Invoices & Payments

Invoicing and payments are a time-consuming yet essential part of your service firm's accounting process. Service Fusion makes it possible for your business to convert jobs to invoices with just a click. It does this with it's excellent integrated invoicing and payment system. With it, you can even receive payments for invoices through the system. Thus, you no longer need to make use of third-party bill-pay applications to achieve this.

Examples of the features you can benefit from include:

  • The ability to create invoices for one job or multiple jobs using the same invoice
  • Accept credit card payments with a free payment gateway that is built into the software
  • Accept payment with credit cards, cash, check, or other forms of payment

Field Service Bookkeeping Integration With QuickBooks

Service Fusion is designed to work with QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online. With the platform, you can automatically synchronize a large amount of your data with QuickBooks in real-time. Integrating QuickBooks with Fusion Service has dozens of other benefits; one of them is having all your data in one location, making it easier for tasks like your field service tax planning.

You can also customize your default account information in QuickBooks. This feature allows you to track any information that you want to be itemized accurately.By integrating, you can also decide which settings, products, or services are imported or exported to and from QuickBooks automatically. Changes that are made to your customer's accounts, products, or services can automatically be transferred to QuickBooks Online.

Seamless Technology Integration: Utilizing A Field Service Accountant

Implementing accounting software integration into your financial management strategy can be an intimidating process. Here at Fusion CPA, our team of field service CPAs are trained to integrate QuickBooks with practice management software like Service Fusion flawlessly. Our goal is to help you take advantage of unique features and better navigate cutting-edge software like Service Fusion. We also offer field service CFO Advisory services to help you take action and execute growth strategies for your firm. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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